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New finds capture the warmth and vibrancy of homes around the globe; the bonhomie of a Provence farmhouse table, the spice tones of Rajasthan and the charm of a Russian dacha.
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Set of Ohre Mugs NEWICON Set of Ohre Mugs £16.99
Cabbage Patch Rabbit Biscuit Barrel NEWICON Cabbage Patch Rabbit Biscuit Barrel £17.99
Folklore Animal Coasters NEWICON Folklore Animal Coasters £17.99
Friends Guardian Angel NEWICON Friends Guardian Angel £17.99
Malbork Mugs NEWICON Malbork Mugs £17.99
Regal Flamingos Biscuit Barrel NEWICON Regal Flamingos Biscuit Barrel £17.99
Ruska Crochet Hearts NEWICON Ruska Crochet Hearts £17.99
Pair of Liguira Highball Tumblers NEWICON Pair of Liguira Highball Tumblers £18.99
Chilli Light Chain NEWICON Chilli Light Chain £19.99
Chirala Floral Picture Frame NEWICON Chirala Floral Picture Frame £19.99
Laid back Lapin Ornament NEWICON Laid back Lapin Ornament £19.99
Malbork Plates NEWICON Malbork Plates £19.99
Prosecco Blossom Box NEWICON Prosecco Blossom Box £19.99
Tiger Tiger Pot NEWICON Tiger Tiger Pot £19.99
Fountain Keepsake Display NEWICON Fountain Keepsake Display £22.99
Luxury Italian Fondants NEWICON Luxury Italian Fondants £22.99
Pair of Chroma Tumblers NEWICON Pair of Chroma Tumblers £22.99
Paske Bunny NEWICON Paske Bunny £22.99
Tutayev Box NEWICON Tutayev Box £22.99
Blossom Birdie Tree Kit NEWICON Blossom Birdie Tree Kit £24.99
Folk Birds Doormat NEWICON Folk Birds Doormat £24.99
Vermont Morning Pancake Gift Set NEWICON Vermont Morning Pancake Gift Set £24.99
A Compendium of Flowers Vase NEWICON A Compendium of Flowers Vase £26
Carlotta Table Runner NEWICON Carlotta Table Runner £28
Emerald Velvet Cushion NEWICON Emerald Velvet Cushion £28
Fuchsia Velvet Cushion NEWICON Fuchsia Velvet Cushion £28
Yellow Velvet Cushion NEWICON Yellow Velvet Cushion £28
Grevy Mask NEWICON Grevy Mask £30
Set of 4 Ohre Canape Plates NEWICON Set of 4 Ohre Canape Plates £30
Baropeta Lidded Box NEWICON Baropeta Lidded Box £35
Kanha Salad Bowl & Servers NEWICON Kanha Salad Bowl & Servers £35
Kashmiri Egg Box NEWICON Kashmiri Egg Box £35
Portofino Tray NEWICON Portofino Tray £35
Ujjain Tea Light Holder NEWICON Ujjain Tea Light Holder £35
4 Portofino Side Plates NEWICON 4 Portofino Side Plates £36
Portofino Platter NEWICON Portofino Platter £36
Gillmor Oystercatchers Cushion NEWICON Gillmor Oystercatchers Cushion £38
Stripe Navajo Cushion Fair_Trade Stripe Navajo Cushion £38
Tahiti Leaf Wall Art NEWICON Tahiti Leaf Wall Art £38
Tribal Stripe Navajo Cushion Fair_Trade Tribal Stripe Navajo Cushion £38
Blessing Plate NEWICON Blessing Plate £40
Fleurs Waffle Tablecloth NEWICON Fleurs Waffle Tablecloth £40
Home Sweet Home Ornament NEWICON Home Sweet Home Ornament £40
Pista Reversible Rug NEWICON Pista Reversible Rug £40
Marrakech Mini Chest NEWICON Marrakech Mini Chest £42
Lechang Orchid Light Chain NEWICON Lechang Orchid Light Chain £45
Liguria Jug NEWICON Liguria Jug £45
Spring Tulip Arrangement NEWICON Spring Tulip Arrangement £45

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