Our finds are hand-block-printed with intricate patterns and motifs. They are ethically made in India by a community-based group of artisans that use a centuries-old technique that requires wooden blocks to be carved, dipped in dye and then stamped by hand onto the cotton, gradually building up the pattern

Screen printing

Screen printing requires the printers to build up the patterns, printing each colour by hand. A fine mesh is stretched over a frame; a stencil is formed by blocking off parts of the screen in the negative image of the pattern. Once the fabric has been stretched the printer carefully aligns the screen and draws the ink across it, forcing the colour through the exposed mesh and repeating the process with each new screen to build up the pattern. Once dried, the finished fabric is treated and washed to reveal the finished pattern.


Many of our pieces are stitched by hand with traditional motifs. From the colcha embroidery of New Mexico to chikan embroidery traditionally made in Lucknow, India. Travel the world through intricate stitches, each with its own unique culture and craft. Carry this quality wherever you go with our edit of clothing, bags and accessories.

Hand carving
of wood

Hand-carved finds are produced by our artisan partners in India – often ethically made. The world’s fastest-growing trees such as albesia and mango wood provide a sustainable source of material for this time-honoured technique.

Traditional painted goods from india

Traditionally painted pieces come crafted by partner artisans in India. Demonstrating a wealth of regional motifs and artistry, the work supports small manufacturers and allows freedom for families to earn a fair wage. Painted by hand, our finds reflect unrivalled generational skills and the woodworking expertise of individual craftspeople.

painted ceramics

Our painted ceramics are produced in locations as far as North Africa. A collective of skilled craftspeople aims to keep traditional handmade crafts alive through the production of hand-painted ceramics. Both unique and practical, their tableware references vibrant pottery motifs from the ancient decorative tradition of master craftsmen.

Mud-resist dyeing

This ancient method is still practised in Rajasthan, India. Artisans create designs in mud on textiles, dip them in dye and finally wash off the mud to reveal a distinctive pattern. Due to the nature of the maker's process, each textile will be completely unique


Ceramika Artystyczna Polish pottery is an eminent maker of hand-painted stoneware from Boleslawiec, Poland. Produced by our partners there, our Polish hand-painted pottery is of the highest quality – demonstrating artistry that is both exquisite and unique. Using naturally found white clay, artisans form each piece of pottery by hand and apply intricate traditional ‘Unikat’ patterns.


Our eclectic and inspiring range of traditionally woven textile furnishings is fairly traded through our artisan partners. Woven styles use both traditional and contemporary techniques and are made by hand using a mix of fabrics such as cotton and jute. Ethically sourced and eco-friendly, the pioneering production of these designs helps to educate and develop communities where rug weaving is prevalent.


Hand-loomed knitwear is skilfully produced according to traditional techniques and traditions. With skills passed down the generations, manually operated hand looms allow weavers to create intricate and even designs. These high-quality garments provide warmth, style and a rich heritage.

Nepalese knitting
and crochet

We are proud to support Nepalese production in village-based communities. Hand-knitted in Nepal with sustainably sourced raw materials, the work supplements local farming incomes for families. Hand-framed and hand-finished, our Nepalese knitwear enables craftspeople to work safely in excellent conditions with a reliable wage that is above local standards. Pieces demonstrate complex patterns, skillfully created by expert knitters.