At Culture Vulture, we celebrate diverse cultures from all around the globe, working closely with artisan craftsmen and producers both large and small. In all our activities, we are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity, from the careful choice of whom we work with and how we do business with them, right through to the parcel delivered to your door. We are equally committed to following environmental practices that make business sense and best protect the environment. We are not perfect, but we certainly do try.

We are passionate about our products, understanding that our customers expect them to be beautifully made and good value. These aims always work in tandem with supporting the skilled workers who make them. All the team work closely with suppliers to help drive improvements and monitor their progress through regular visits and third-party audits.

We are pleased to be working with inspirational and innovative Fair Trade companies who are making a real difference in countries including India, Nepal and Zimbabwe. With long-established relationships across the globe, our Fair Trade partners have created beautiful products that improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged people in developing countries, benefit local community projects and keep alive traditional skills that might otherwise be lost.

We are proud of our catalogues and strive to make them more exciting every season. However, we are fully aware of the paper usage this involves. To address this, we only use paper from sustainable and controlled sources and all our catalogues are, of course, also fully recyclable.

We aim to use recyclable packaging, including recyclable plastic air bags that may be needed to ensure your purchases arrive undamaged. Some products may be plastic wrapped to retain scent or protect their integrity.

We are on a wonderful journey, with new finds at every turn that bring both opportunities and responsibilities. We always welcome feedback from our customers and take this opportunity to let you know that we are working hard to make the right decisions to ensure a successful journey for you and all those who make it possible.