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Explore new and vibrant ideas just unpacked from our travels near and far. Furniture and Furnishings inspired by the intense colours of Jaipur, the Ivanovo and the Mediterranean. Or for a more opulent journey, travel to the chateaux of France or the squares of Florence to embrace furniture and furnishings from a more elegant age.
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Vélo Doormat NEWICON Vélo Doormat £24.99
Foça Navy Cotton Throw NEWICON Foça Navy Cotton Throw £19.99
Foça Orange Cotton Throw NEWICON Foça Orange Cotton Throw £19.99
Bonjour Doormat NEWICON Bonjour Doormat £22.99
Vibrant Seat Pads NEWICON Vibrant Seat Pads £10.99
Jaipur Double Sided Cushion NEWICON Jaipur Double Sided Cushion £14.99
Avignon Cotton Bench Cushion NEWICON Avignon Cotton Bench Cushion £30
Kapa Inflatable Pouffe NEWICON Kapa Inflatable Pouffe £35
Beauvais Storage Box NEWICON Beauvais Storage Box £40
Villette Storage Cupboard NEWICON Villette Storage Cupboard £115
Maine Rug NEWICON Maine Rug £125
Limahuli Cushion NEWICON Limahuli Cushion £30
Jaipur Double Sided Floor Cushion NEWICON Jaipur Double Sided Floor Cushion £40
Casa Azul Cushion - Rectangle NEWICON Casa Azul Cushion - Rectangle £42
Frida Portrait Cushion NEWICON Frida Portrait Cushion £45
Pom-Pom Throw NEWICON Pom-Pom Throw £65
Porthgwidden Rug NEWICON Porthgwidden Rug £90
St Ives Trunk NEWICON St Ives Trunk £155
Porthmeor Chair NEWICON Porthmeor Chair £175
Orange Casa Wicker Armchair NEWICON Orange Casa Wicker Armchair £195
Red Casa Wicker Armchair NEWICON Red Casa Wicker Armchair £195
Bayswater 5 Drawer Tallboy ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Bayswater 5 Drawer Tallboy £225
Benito Tallboy NEWICON Benito Tallboy £250
Bute Storage Bench NEWICON Bute Storage Bench £250

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