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Explore new and vibrant ideas just unpacked from our travels near and far. Furniture and Furnishings inspired by the intense colours of Jaipur, the Ivanovo and the Mediterranean. Or for a more opulent journey, travel to the chateaux of France or the squares of Florence to embrace furniture and furnishings from a more elegant age.
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Novgorod Double Bedding Set NEWICON Novgorod Double Bedding Set £30
3 Bird Wall Hooks NEWICON 3 Bird Wall Hooks £14.99
Painted Tiger Wall Hooks NEWICON Painted Tiger Wall Hooks £17.99
Coir Leopard Doormat NEWICON Coir Leopard Doormat £22.99
Valencay Cushion NEWICON Valencay Cushion £22.99
Eger Round Embroidered Cushion NEWICON Eger Round Embroidered Cushion £28
Kruger Leopard Cushion NEWICON Kruger Leopard Cushion £28
Libellule Dragonfly Hooks NEWICON Libellule Dragonfly Hooks £35
Forest Cushion NEWICON Forest Cushion £38
3 Drawer Bone Table Top Storage NEWICON 3 Drawer Bone Table Top Storage £40
Kirov Lidded Box NEWICON Kirov Lidded Box £40
Ceramic 6 Drawer Tabletop Storage NEWICON Ceramic 6 Drawer Tabletop Storage £42
Elephant Box NEWICON Elephant Box £45
Charley Geometric Runner NEWICON Charley Geometric Runner £60
Velvet Floor Cushion NEWICON Velvet Floor Cushion £85
Auvergne Floral Runner NEWICON Auvergne Floral Runner £90
Bagatelle Peacock Chenille Rug NEWICON Bagatelle Peacock Chenille Rug £95
Tewa Linen Basket NEWICON Tewa Linen Basket £95
Paisley Footstool NEWICON Paisley Footstool £125
Maasai Mara Faux Cheetah Throw NEWICON Maasai Mara Faux Cheetah Throw £130
Castle & Sun Rug NEWICON Castle & Sun Rug £140
Gordes Triple Storage Unit NEWICON Gordes Triple Storage Unit £145
Cobra Twist Table Fair_Trade Cobra Twist Table £155
Pau Elm & Rattan Chair NEWICON Pau Elm & Rattan Chair £160

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