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Adorn your abode with the richness world style has to offer. Each piece has a story to tell, whether it’s crafted by hand, vibrantly decorated or evocative of a place near or far. Discover coveted statement armchairs, textile coverings and hangings and room-by-room accents led by culture, spirit and heart.
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Jungle Duvet Set NEWICON Jungle Duvet Set In stock £30
Hairy Coos Footstool NEWICON Hairy Coos Footstool In stock £95
Honu Turtle Hook NEWICON Honu Turtle Hook In stock £9.99
Vélo Wall Hooks NEWICON Vélo Wall Hooks In stock £12.99
Floral Velvet Cushion NEWICON Floral Velvet Cushion   Last few remaining £28
Safi Circles Rug NEWICON Safi Circles Rug In stock £65
Rabbit Hook NEWICON Rabbit Hook In stock £12.99
Haathee Elephant Hook NEWICON Haathee Elephant Hook Pre-Order £14.99
Adoor Recycled Fabric Footstool Fair_Trade Adoor Recycled Fabric Footstool In stock £65
Rosebank Mango Wood Table NEWICON Rosebank Mango Wood Table In stock £70
Brown Recycled Patchwork Cushion NEWICON Brown Recycled Patchwork Cushion   Last few remaining £35
Multi Shelf Wall Unit NEWICON Multi Shelf Wall Unit Pre-Order £95
Nara Wood Stool NEWICON Nara Wood Stool Pre-Order £160
Green Recycled Patchwork Cushion NEWICON Green Recycled Patchwork Cushion Pre-Order £35
Green Moon & Plum Blossom Cushion NEWICON Green Moon & Plum Blossom Cushion In stock £40
Green Parrot Trinket Dish NEWICON Green Parrot Trinket Dish In stock £42
Château Garden Duvet Set NEWICON Château Garden Duvet Set In stock £75
Granada Wall Cupboard NEWICON Granada Wall Cupboard In stock £130
Pankova Velvet Footstool NEWICON Pankova Velvet Footstool In stock £210
Block Cable Rug NEWICON Block Cable Rug   Last few remaining £280
Moroccan 2-Door Cabinet NEWICON Moroccan 2-Door Cabinet   Last few remaining £550
Rose Moon & Plum Blossom Cushion NEWICON Rose Moon & Plum Blossom Cushion In stock £40
Maine Rag Rug NEWICON Maine Rag Rug In stock £75
Geometric Rug NEWICON Geometric Rug In stock £110

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