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New finds capture the warmth and vibrancy of homes around the globe; the bonhomie of a Provence farmhouse table, the spice tones of Rajasthan and the charm of a Russian dacha.
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Porcelain Gaurdian Angel NEWICON Porcelain Gaurdian Angel £7.99
Bitesize Belgian Chocolate Cubes NEWICON Bitesize Belgian Chocolate Cubes £8.99
Bitesize Belgian Chocolate Cups NEWICON Bitesize Belgian Chocolate Cups £8.99
Orange Hot Dark Chocolate NEWICON Orange Hot Dark Chocolate £8.99
Salted Caramel Hot Milk Chocolate NEWICON Salted Caramel Hot Milk Chocolate £8.99
Spanish Quince Paste NEWICON Spanish Quince Paste £8.99
Blue Tit Mug NEWICON Blue Tit Mug £9.99
Goldfinch Mug NEWICON Goldfinch Mug £9.99
Terracotta Oven-to-Table Dish NEWICON Terracotta Oven-to-Table Dish £9.99
Beryl Cook Dancing  Mug NEWICON Beryl Cook Dancing Mug £10.99
Beryl Cook Meadow Mug NEWICON Beryl Cook Meadow Mug £10.99
Jardin Exotique Confectionery NEWICON Jardin Exotique Confectionery £11.99
Modernist Bird Coasters NEWICON Modernist Bird Coasters £11.99
4 Meknes Tile Coasters NEWICON 4 Meknes Tile Coasters £12.99
Glazed Terracotta Soup Bowl NEWICON Glazed Terracotta Soup Bowl £12.99
Jumping Santas Decorations NEWICON Jumping Santas Decorations £12.99
Klein Mug NEWICON Klein Mug £12.99
Pains de France Tea Towel NEWICON Pains de France Tea Towel £12.99
Pawkins & Biddy Felt Dog Decorations NEWICON Pawkins & Biddy Felt Dog Decorations £12.99
Peacock Candle Holder NEWICON Peacock Candle Holder £12.99
Chocolate for Wine Coins NEWICON Chocolate for Wine Coins £14.99
Dark Chocolate Truffle Flors NEWICON Dark Chocolate Truffle Flors £14.99
Flying Reindeer Decoration NEWICON Flying Reindeer Decoration £14.99
French Sablés Biscuit Tin NEWICON French Sablés Biscuit Tin £14.99
Lavender Terracotta Breakfast Cup NEWICON Lavender Terracotta Breakfast Cup £14.99
Recycled Glass Milk Bottle NEWICON Recycled Glass Milk Bottle £14.99
Terracotta Olive Dish NEWICON Terracotta Olive Dish £14.99
Belgian Chocolate Cups and Cubes NEWICON Belgian Chocolate Cups and Cubes £16.99
Murlo Candle NEWICON Murlo Candle £16.99
Couture Travel Sewing Kit NEWICON Couture Travel Sewing Kit £17.99
Duck Feet Display Stand NEWICON Duck Feet Display Stand £17.99
Painted Tiger Wall Hooks NEWICON Painted Tiger Wall Hooks £17.99
Papaver Mug NEWICON Papaver Mug £17.99
Savannah Gazelle Mask Fair_Trade Savannah Gazelle Mask £17.99
Klee Abstract Vase NEWICON Klee Abstract Vase £19.99
Limoncello Baba NEWICON Limoncello Baba £19.99
Macaw Windchime Fair_Trade Macaw Windchime £19.99
Savannah Egg Cups Fair_Trade Savannah Egg Cups £19.99
Small Matyó Embroidered Wall Hoop NEWICON Small Matyó Embroidered Wall Hoop £19.99
Spanish Olive Patés Tray NEWICON Spanish Olive Patés Tray £19.99
Beryl Cook Mugs NEWICON Beryl Cook Mugs £20.99
4 Mishmi Cotton Napkins NEWICON 4 Mishmi Cotton Napkins £22.99
Abstract Serving Plate NEWICON Abstract Serving Plate £22.99
Lajuma Leopard Candlestick NEWICON Lajuma Leopard Candlestick £22.99
Lajuma Monkey Candlestick NEWICON Lajuma Monkey Candlestick £22.99
Matyó Embroidered Wall Hoop NEWICON Matyó Embroidered Wall Hoop £22.99
Orange Chrysanthemum Hurricane Candle Fair_Trade Orange Chrysanthemum Hurricane Candle £22.99
Tunis Fish Plate NEWICON Tunis Fish Plate £22.99

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