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New finds capture the warmth and vibrancy of homes around the globe; the bonhomie of a Provence farmhouse table, the spice tones of Rajasthan and the charm of a Russian dacha.
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Tuvalu Bird House Chime NEWICON Tuvalu Bird House Chime £9.99
La Perruche Mug NEWICON La Perruche Mug £7.99
Le Toucan Mug NEWICON Le Toucan Mug £7.99
Toucan Mother & Baby Ornament Fair_Trade Toucan Mother & Baby Ornament £24.99
Tin Bird Decorations NEWICON Tin Bird Decorations £7.99
Paschal Eggs NEWICON Paschal Eggs £9.99
Easter Dog Ornament NEWICON Easter Dog Ornament £11.99
Mr Top Hat NEWICON Mr Top Hat £7.99
Mrs Green Hat NEWICON Mrs Green Hat £7.99
Italian Chocolate Assortment NEWICON Italian Chocolate Assortment £16.99
Toulon Rabbit Egg Cups NEWICON Toulon Rabbit Egg Cups £16.99
Jelly Bunny Sweets Cone NEWICON Jelly Bunny Sweets Cone £4.99
Jelly Fried Egg Sweets Cone NEWICON Jelly Fried Egg Sweets Cone £4.99
Jelly Sweets Cones NEWICON Jelly Sweets Cones £7.99
Beaded Elephant Decoration NEWICON Beaded Elephant Decoration £9.99
Beaded Peacock Decoration NEWICON Beaded Peacock Decoration £9.99
Chocolate Ganache Easter Cups NEWICON Chocolate Ganache Easter Cups £9.99
Daisy Display Fair_Trade Daisy Display £17.99
Easter Bunny Plate NEWICON Easter Bunny Plate £19.99
Elephant & Marigold Toran NEWICON Elephant & Marigold Toran £19.99
Bonnes Pâques Wreath NEWICON Bonnes Pâques Wreath £30
Kerala Ornament Fair_Trade Kerala Ornament £38
Parrot Pitcher NEWICON Parrot Pitcher £45
Orissa Multi Aperture Frame Fair_Trade Orissa Multi Aperture Frame £50

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