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Bold and beautiful ideas for your home crafted around the globe. Inspired by our travels to Florence, France and Russia we have brought home rich and jewel-toned finds, from intricate mirrors to lighting and hand-painted storage. Looking further afield tribal patterns from Africa and ancient Navajo motifs  are reinterpreted in decorative pieces. Discover Fair Trade pieces crafted with care.
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Coyoacán Lampshade NEWICON Coyoacán Lampshade £28
Retro Vortex Bowl NEWICON Retro Vortex Bowl £70
Klee Blue Cushion NEWICON Klee Blue Cushion £75
Block Wool Runner NEWICON Block Wool Runner £115
Klee Wool Throw NEWICON Klee Wool Throw £175
Seguret Crochet Table Runner NEWICON Seguret Crochet Table Runner £28
Seurat Tumblers NEWICON Seurat Tumblers £35
Seurat Wine Glasses NEWICON Seurat Wine Glasses £40
Samode Flowers Double Quilt NEWICON Samode Flowers Double Quilt £185
Lyon Floral Bowls NEWICON Lyon Floral Bowls £24.99
Mushroom Pate NEWICON Mushroom Pate £7.99
Spicy Bean Crush NEWICON Spicy Bean Crush £7.99
Vintage Etched Glass NEWICON Vintage Etched Glass £9.99
Blossom Lidded Box NEWICON Blossom Lidded Box £14.99
Alwar Elephant NEWICON Alwar Elephant £17.99
Alwar Peacock NEWICON Alwar Peacock £17.99
Chandka Oil Diffuser NEWICON Chandka Oil Diffuser £17.99
Auvergne Pâtes de Fruits Box NEWICON Auvergne Pâtes de Fruits Box £19.99
Greve Olive Wood Coasters NEWICON Greve Olive Wood Coasters £19.99
Lavender & Verbena Candle NEWICON Lavender & Verbena Candle £19.99
Grasse Jug NEWICON Grasse Jug £22.99
Koure Giraffes NEWICON Koure Giraffes £24.99
Sweet & Spicy Mixed Nuts NEWICON Sweet & Spicy Mixed Nuts £24.99
Martini Glasses NEWICON Martini Glasses £28
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We celebrate the creativity of artisans from around the world, often using traditional crafts with a contemporary twist in unique ideas for you and your home. We always aim to work responsibly and hope that, like us, you will find any minor variations in handmade products only add to their appeal.