New Home Accessories

Explore new finds from around the globe from lighting and candle holders to decorative accents. Bring home the best of regional crafts to create a vibrant home with unique pieces, each with a story to tell.
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Flat Cap Fox Terrier Ornament NEWICON Flat Cap Fox Terrier Ornament £11.99
Hearts Breeze Chime NEWICON Hearts Breeze Chime £12.99
Festival Bunting NEWICON Festival Bunting £14.99
4 LED Glass Cube Lights NEWICON 4 LED Glass Cube Lights £30
Nîmes Wall Art NEWICON Nîmes Wall Art £32
3 Kashmiri Butterflies NEWICON 3 Kashmiri Butterflies £12.99
Ios Candle Holder NEWICON Ios Candle Holder £12.99
Fes Coasters NEWICON Fes Coasters £14.99
Pineapple Ornaments Trio NEWICON Pineapple Ornaments Trio £14.99
Butterfly Wall Art NEWICON Butterfly Wall Art £17.99
Diwali Candle Bowls NEWICON Diwali Candle Bowls £17.99
Beehive Tea Light Holder NEWICON Beehive Tea Light Holder £19.99
Merzouga Camel Jug NEWICON Merzouga Camel Jug £19.99
Rissani Votives NEWICON Rissani Votives £19.99
Poppies Arrangement NEWICON Poppies Arrangement £32
Berkane Metal Tray NEWICON Berkane Metal Tray £35
Beauvais Storage Box NEWICON Beauvais Storage Box £40
Indus Mirror NEWICON Indus Mirror £40
Tuscan Oval Lantern NEWICON Tuscan Oval Lantern £40
Assam Solar-Lit Elephant NEWICON Assam Solar-Lit Elephant £50
Meknes Serving Bowl NEWICON Meknes Serving Bowl £50
Oujda Lanterns NEWICON Oujda Lanterns £55
Ogee Mirror NEWICON Ogee Mirror £65
Ithaka Mirror NEWICON Ithaka Mirror £75

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