New Kitchen & Dining

Discover inspiring ideas for your table with our latest table and cookware. Serve up in style with azure ideas inspired by long and lazy lunches looking out onto the Mediterranean. Or discover unashamedly rustic ceramics, cutlery and table linen, inspired by farmhouse kitchens across Provence.
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Sikkim Round Tablecloth NEWICON Sikkim Round Tablecloth £19.99
Belgian Bunny Pralines NEWICON Belgian Bunny Pralines £6.99
Capetown Dinner Plates NEWICON Capetown Dinner Plates £6.99
Maussane Glasses NEWICON Maussane Glasses £12.99
Gin & Lemon Fudge NEWICON Gin & Lemon Fudge £7.99
Hare & Tortoise and Fox & Crow Biscuits NEWICON Hare & Tortoise and Fox & Crow Biscuits £7.99
Milk Chocolate & Cereal Swirl Eggs NEWICON Milk Chocolate & Cereal Swirl Eggs £7.99
Pastel Palette Italian Eggs NEWICON Pastel Palette Italian Eggs £7.99
Capetown Bowls NEWICON Capetown Bowls £8.99
Capetown Side Plates NEWICON Capetown Side Plates £8.99
Fresh Lime Vinegar NEWICON Fresh Lime Vinegar £8.99
Green Cucumber Vinegar NEWICON Green Cucumber Vinegar £8.99
Ohre Mug - Mustard NEWICON Ohre Mug - Mustard £8.99
Ohre Mug - Teal NEWICON Ohre Mug - Teal £8.99
Salignac Medium Terracotta Bowl NEWICON Salignac Medium Terracotta Bowl £9.99
Asilah Plates NEWICON Asilah Plates £11.99
Belgian Chocolate Cubes NEWICON Belgian Chocolate Cubes £11.99
Belgian Chocolate Domes NEWICON Belgian Chocolate Domes £11.99
 'Pour Yourself a Cup of Ambition' Mug NEWICON 'Pour Yourself a Cup of Ambition' Mug £12.99
Picasso 'Le Bouquet' Mug NEWICON Picasso 'Le Bouquet' Mug £12.99
Chocolate Praline Gull Eggs NEWICON Chocolate Praline Gull Eggs £14.99
Dotty Mug NEWICON Dotty Mug £14.99
Italian Candy Bouquet NEWICON Italian Candy Bouquet £14.99
Malbork Bowls NEWICON Malbork Bowls £14.99

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