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Our latest clothing edits invite you to share our passion for pattern. From bold, folk florals inspired by Russian and Hungarian traditions to Indian embroidery, discover clothes and accessories to stir your soul.
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Grace Jacquard Coat Grace Jacquard Coat £200
Karanji Embroidered Jacket Karanji Embroidered Jacket £225
Pushkar White Cotton Top Pushkar White Cotton Top £38
Felted Cat Slippers Felted Cat Slippers £28
Felted Dog Slippers Felted Dog Slippers £28
Sagar Robe Sagar Robe £45
Joli Fleur Pyjamas Joli Fleur Pyjamas £60
Trisul Grey Embroidered Tunic Trisul Grey Embroidered Tunic £40
Sarafan Harem Trousers Sarafan Harem Trousers £55
Coronado Cardigan Coronado Cardigan £62
Sapporo Cotton Pyjamas Sapporo Cotton Pyjamas £65
Birds of  Paradise Jacket Birds of Paradise Jacket £85
Trisul Red Embroidered Tunic Trisul Red Embroidered Tunic £38
Pawnee Jumper Pawnee Jumper £42
Sapporo Cotton Robe Sapporo Cotton Robe £45
Tiree Sheepskin Flip Flop Slippers Tiree Sheepskin Flip Flop Slippers £48
Saratov Cotton Cord Dress Saratov Cotton Cord Dress £65
Poznan Wool Waistcoat Poznan Wool Waistcoat £68
Zira Jacquard Reversible Robe Zira Jacquard Reversible Robe £110
Foxford Cardigan Foxford Cardigan £125
Talas Tunic Talas Tunic £38
Picardy Cotton Nightdress Picardy Cotton Nightdress £50
Kerala Cotton Pyjamas Kerala Cotton Pyjamas £65
Ménerbes Cotton Pyjamas Ménerbes Cotton Pyjamas £65
Madurai Reversible Jacket Madurai Reversible Jacket £85
Tiya Reversible Jacket Tiya Reversible Jacket £85
Purple Lough Comb Cardigan Purple Lough Comb Cardigan £90
Rishikesh Embroidered Top Rishikesh Embroidered Top £35
Bihar Embroidered Shirt Bihar Embroidered Shirt £45
Fleurs Cotton Robe Fleurs Cotton Robe £45
Tayrona Alpaca Handwarmers Tayrona Alpaca Handwarmers £45
Esla Culottes Esla Culottes £65
Lehenga Cotton Dress Lehenga Cotton Dress £75
Jaran Embroidered Velvet Tunic Jaran Embroidered Velvet Tunic £120
Sonora Jacket Sonora Jacket £180
Colourful Lucknow Embroidered Top Colourful Lucknow Embroidered Top £35
Eliana Pink Jersey Shirt Eliana Pink Jersey Shirt £45
Vritika Embroidered Tunic Vritika Embroidered Tunic £45
Chetana Paisley Tunic Chetana Paisley Tunic £50
Fernanda Waistcoat Fernanda Waistcoat £55
Inna Longline Waistcoat Inna Longline Waistcoat £90
Pella Embroidered Jacket Pella Embroidered Jacket £110
Gerda Wool Jumper Gerda Wool Jumper £115
Aine Merino Wool Long Cardigan Aine Merino Wool Long Cardigan £125
Alberta Lined Hooded Cardigan Fair_Trade Alberta Lined Hooded Cardigan £125
Anzere Wool Cardigan Anzere Wool Cardigan £200
Awakening Bodhi Scarf Awakening Bodhi Scarf £32
Blue Dinan Top Blue Dinan Top £35

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