Coats & Jackets

Wrap yourself in a coat or jacket that sings with the warmth of distant shores, from the spicy heat of Morocco to the lush tropical patterns of Polynesia, our boldly-conceived prints banish grey days. Quilted cotton from India keep Spring chills at bay whilst practicality never looked so good as our waxed jackets.
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Kilimanoor Longline Waistcoat NEWICON Kilimanoor Longline Waistcoat £100
Puri Wool Coat NEWICON Puri Wool Coat £265
Andaman Wool Jacket NEWICON Andaman Wool Jacket £195
Donegal Mohair Jacket NEWICON Donegal Mohair Jacket £250
Pella Embroidered Jacket Pella Embroidered Jacket £110
Inna Longline Waistcoat Inna Longline Waistcoat £90
Almora Block Printed Jacket Almora Block Printed Jacket £88
Livny Embroidered Jacket Livny Embroidered Jacket £180
Zellige Jacket Zellige Jacket £75
Poznan Wool Waistcoat Poznan Wool Waistcoat £68
Sonora Jacket Sonora Jacket £180
Fernanda Waistcoat Fernanda Waistcoat £50
Kanatal Embroidered Waistcoat Kanatal Embroidered Waistcoat £60
Madurai Reversible Jacket Madurai Reversible Jacket £75
Tiya Reversible Jacket Tiya Reversible Jacket £75
Prashar Embroidered Jacket Prashar Embroidered Jacket £95
Aarushi Embroidered Jacket Aarushi Embroidered Jacket £110
Bhutan Printed Coatigan SALEPROMOICON Bhutan Printed Coatigan £250 £125
Dorothea Velvet Jacket Dorothea Velvet Jacket £135
Kazan Embellished Jacket Kazan Embellished Jacket £140
Wye Coatigan Wye Coatigan £140
Sanremo Cotton Jacket White SALEPROMOICON Sanremo Cotton Jacket White £45 £19.99
Sanremo Cotton Jacket Sanremo Cotton Jacket £45
Jakar Cardigan SALEPROMOICON Jakar Cardigan £150 £68
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