Cosy up with wonderfully warm knits from around the globe; Irish and Scottish knitters have reinterpreted heritage patterns, creating modern classics . Peruvian knits bring together the softness of alpaca and intense lustrous tones. Intricately patterned intarsia knits celebrate the folk motifs of India, Russia and Mexico, finished with an unerring attention to detail.
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Pawnee Jumper Pawnee Jumper £40
Aine Merino Wool Long Cardigan Aine Merino Wool Long Cardigan £120
Gerda Wool Jumper Gerda Wool Jumper £110
Guanyin Wool Cardigan Guanyin Wool Cardigan £150
Bordeaux Cotton Jumper Bordeaux Cotton Jumper £98 £45
Purple Lough Comb Cardigan Purple Lough Comb Cardigan £90
Delaney Wool Cardigan Delaney Wool Cardigan £115
Maeve Wool Waistcoat Black_Friday Maeve Wool Waistcoat £75 £52
Watten Wool Jumper Watten Wool Jumper £110
Torridon Wool Cardigan Torridon Wool Cardigan £130
Viva Cardigan Viva Cardigan £130
Foxford Cardigan Foxford Cardigan £120
Mullingar Wool Jumper Mullingar Wool Jumper £100
Dornoch Fair Isle Cardigan Dornoch Fair Isle Cardigan £125
Tahilla Merino Cardigan Tahilla Merino Cardigan £140
Anzere Wool Cardigan Anzere Wool Cardigan £200
Fano Jumper Fano Jumper £30
Fallon Jumper Black_Friday Fallon Jumper £80 £55
Holda Cardigan Holda Cardigan £140 £59.99
Tay Wrap Cardigan Tay Wrap Cardigan £60
Khokhloma Cotton Cardigan Khokhloma Cotton Cardigan £150 £65
Navya Sleeveless Cardigan Navya Sleeveless Cardigan £150 £69.99
Fearn Roll Neck Jumper Fearn Roll Neck Jumper £78
Balintore Tartan Jumper Black_Friday Balintore Tartan Jumper £120 £84
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We celebrate the creativity of artisans from around the world, often using traditional crafts with a contemporary twist in unique ideas for you and your home. We always aim to work responsibly and hope that, like us, you will find any minor variations in handmade products only add to their appeal.