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Cosy up with wonderfully warm knits from around the globe; Irish and Scottish knitters have reinterpreted heritage patterns, creating modern classics . Peruvian knits bring together the softness of alpaca and intense lustrous tones. Intricately patterned intarsia knits celebrate the folk motifs of India, Russia and Mexico, finished with an unerring attention to detail.
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Srian Jumper NEWICON Srian Jumper £115
Patan Cardigan NEWICON Patan Cardigan £175
Eligin Cardigan NEWICON Eligin Cardigan £200
Khokhloma Tulip Alpaca Cardigan NEWICON Khokhloma Tulip Alpaca Cardigan £295
Coronado Cardigan Coronado Cardigan £62
Pawnee Jumper Pawnee Jumper £42
Foxford Cardigan Foxford Cardigan £125
Tobermory Jumper Tobermory Jumper £115
Glendalough Poncho Glendalough Poncho £85
Littleferry Fair Isle Jumper Littleferry Fair Isle Jumper £180
Tahilla Merino Cardigan Tahilla Merino Cardigan £145
Atitlan Alpaca Headband Atitlan Alpaca Headband £40
Maeve Wool Waistcoat Maeve Wool Waistcoat £75
Holda Wool Poncho Holda Wool Poncho £85
Keavy Wool Jumper Keavy Wool Jumper £90
Purple Lough Comb Cardigan Purple Lough Comb Cardigan £90
Kilkee Cardigan Kilkee Cardigan £100
Skaddan Fair Isle Jumper Skaddan Fair Isle Jumper £100
Stadion Cashmere Mix Jumper Stadion Cashmere Mix Jumper £100
Tramore Cardigan Tramore Cardigan £100
Trent Wool Jumper Trent Wool Jumper £100
Ballindine Wool Cardigan Ballindine Wool Cardigan £115
Delaney Wool Cardigan Delaney Wool Cardigan £115
Gerda Wool Jumper ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Gerda Wool Jumper £115

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