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New Arrivals

Imbued with the spirit of adventure and need to wander, we’re back from our travels near and far with a trunk filled with unexpected finds. Gather round whilst we unpack the world’s textiles, attire, speciality foods, artisanal wares and crafted finds. Each season brings with it a whole host of global inspiration.
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A Cornish Secret NEWICON A Cornish Secret In stock £7.99
Tremarnock Summer NEWICON Tremarnock Summer In stock £7.99
Green Colombes Stake NEWICON Green Colombes Stake Pre-Order £8.99
The Overnight Kidnapper NEWICON The Overnight Kidnapper In stock £8.99
Yellow Colombes Stake NEWICON Yellow Colombes Stake Pre-Order £8.99
Bamaluz Beach Dog Decoration NEWICON Bamaluz Beach Dog Decoration In stock £12.99
Pair of Manali Tealight Holders NEWICON Pair of Manali Tealight Holders In stock £12.99
3 Pop-Up Grapevine Cards NEWICON 3 Pop-Up Grapevine Cards In stock £13.99
4 Bicycle Flowers Shadowbox Cards NEWICON 4 Bicycle Flowers Shadowbox Cards In stock £14.99
Lintu Wooden Necklace NEWICON Lintu Wooden Necklace In stock £17.99
Rainbow Hoop Earrings NEWICON Rainbow Hoop Earrings In stock £17.99
Chennai Recycled Glass Earrings NEWICON Chennai Recycled Glass Earrings In stock £19.99
Bonasolla Enamelled Bangle NEWICON Bonasolla Enamelled Bangle In stock £22.99
Butterfly Cotton Tablecloth NEWICON Butterfly Cotton Tablecloth In stock £22.99
Puerto Rico Parrot Brooch NEWICON Puerto Rico Parrot Brooch In stock £22.99
Rimini Scarf NEWICON Rimini Scarf In stock £22.99
Taos Cotton Throw NEWICON Taos Cotton Throw In stock £22.99
Pair of Ipswich Bowls NEWICON Pair of Ipswich Bowls In stock £24.99
Ko Lipe Necklace NEWICON Ko Lipe Necklace In stock £28
Tirol Embellished Headband NEWICON Tirol Embellished Headband In stock £28
Arashiyama LED Lantern NEWICON Arashiyama LED Lantern In stock £30
Jeune Coq Cruet Set NEWICON Jeune Coq Cruet Set In stock £30
Lighthouse Cushion NEWICON Lighthouse Cushion In stock £30
Mehndi Elephant Ornament NEWICON Mehndi Elephant Ornament In stock £30
Thorso Large Mushroom Tea Light Holder Fair_Trade Thorso Large Mushroom Tea Light Holder In stock £30
Floreale Embroidered Clutch NEWICON Floreale Embroidered Clutch In stock £35
Kathmandu Bag NEWICON Kathmandu Bag In stock £35
Narela Cushion Fair_Trade Narela Cushion In stock £35
Saffron Tapas Bowls NEWICON Saffron Tapas Bowls In stock £35
Scottie Dog Ornament NEWICON Scottie Dog Ornament In stock £35
Set of 4 Azulejo Candle Tins NEWICON Set of 4 Azulejo Candle Tins In stock £35
Shiprock Cushion NEWICON Shiprock Cushion In stock £35
Shoal Serving Bowl NEWICON Shoal Serving Bowl In stock £35
Santa Clara Serving Dish NEWICON Santa Clara Serving Dish In stock £40
Ifrane Lapis Pendant NEWICON Ifrane Lapis Pendant In stock £42
Japanese Stork Ornament NEWICON Japanese Stork Ornament In stock £50
Liberec Cover-up NEWICON Liberec Cover-up   Last few remaining £55
Paint Splash Silk Scarf NEWICON Paint Splash Silk Scarf In stock £55
Shimla Silk Scarf NEWICON Shimla Silk Scarf In stock £55
Marrakesh Cover-Up Fair_Trade Marrakesh Cover-Up In stock £58
Stoclet Wall Art NEWICON Stoclet Wall Art In stock £58
Shisheh Cotton Tunic NEWICON Shisheh Cotton Tunic In stock £60
Tahaa Glasses NEWICON Tahaa Glasses In stock £60
Zillij Vase NEWICON Zillij Vase In stock £60
Nautique Espadrilles NEWICON Nautique Espadrilles In stock £65
Rayé Jumper NEWICON Rayé Jumper   Last few remaining £65
Tamegroute Jumpsuit NEWICON Tamegroute Jumpsuit In stock £65
Zadar Cotton Dress NEWICON Zadar Cotton Dress In stock £65