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New Arrivals

Imbued with the spirit of adventure and need to wander, we’re back from our travels near and far with a trunk filled with unexpected finds. Gather round whilst we unpack the world’s textiles, attire, speciality foods, artisanal wares and crafted finds. Each season brings with it a whole host of global inspiration.
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Fleur Stake NEWICON Fleur Stake In stock £35
Dachshund Garden Ornament NEWICON Dachshund Garden Ornament In stock £38
Harbour Bay Mug NEWICON Harbour Bay Mug In stock £9.99
Chantilly Carafe and Tumbler NEWICON Chantilly Carafe and Tumbler In stock £14.99
Escargot Ornament NEWICON Escargot Ornament In stock £14.99
Platte River Stake NEWICON Platte River Stake In stock £14.99
Praiano Lemon Jug NEWICON Praiano Lemon Jug In stock £14.99
Cactus Earrings NEWICON Cactus Earrings In stock £16.99
Montalbano Mysteries NEWICON Montalbano Mysteries In stock £16.99
3 Mesh Market Bags NEWICON 3 Mesh Market Bags Pre-Order £17.99
4 Kwiat Bowls NEWICON 4 Kwiat Bowls In stock £19.99
4 Kwiat Plates NEWICON 4 Kwiat Plates In stock £19.99
Harbour Bay Tray NEWICON Harbour Bay Tray In stock £19.99
Plymouth Trivet NEWICON Plymouth Trivet In stock £19.99
Chilli Platter NEWICON Chilli Platter In stock £22.99
Jalapa Bead Earrings NEWICON Jalapa Bead Earrings In stock £22.99
Tilaran Scarf NEWICON Tilaran Scarf In stock £22.99
Rainbow Bracelet NEWICON Rainbow Bracelet In stock £30
Portland Jute & Leather Rug NEWICON Portland Jute & Leather Rug In stock £35
Tenganan Bag NEWICON Tenganan Bag In stock £35
Pérouges Rooster NEWICON Pérouges Rooster In stock £38
Shoal Tablecloth NEWICON Shoal Tablecloth In stock £40
New England Bird Table NEWICON New England Bird Table In stock £45
Painterly Cover-Up NEWICON Painterly Cover-Up In stock £45
Poppies Hors d'oeuvre Dish NEWICON Poppies Hors d'oeuvre Dish In stock £45
Puebla Cotton Tunic NEWICON Puebla Cotton Tunic In stock £45
Kolsay Longline Cotton Shirt NEWICON Kolsay Longline Cotton Shirt   Last few remaining £50
Gingko Plant Pot Holders NEWICON Gingko Plant Pot Holders In stock £55
Bagru Cotton Tunic NEWICON Bagru Cotton Tunic In stock £60
Abstract Menhir Shirt NEWICON Abstract Menhir Shirt   Last few remaining £65
Amasya Cotton Tunic NEWICON Amasya Cotton Tunic   Last few remaining £68
Artist’s Stripe Dress NEWICON Artist’s Stripe Dress   Last few remaining £75
Turquesa Jersey Dress Fair_Trade Turquesa Jersey Dress   Last few remaining £75
Uttar Cotton Skirt NEWICON Uttar Cotton Skirt In stock £75
Astana Tunic NEWICON Astana Tunic Limited availability £80
Abstract Reversible Jacket NEWICON Abstract Reversible Jacket   Last few remaining £85
Anguilla Cotton Tunic NEWICON Anguilla Cotton Tunic In stock £85
Brittany Gingham Dress NEWICON Brittany Gingham Dress Pre-Order £85
Graphic Pencil Trousers NEWICON Graphic Pencil Trousers Limited availability £85
Vézelay Shirtdress NEWICON Vézelay Shirtdress In stock £85
Chanda Reversible Dress NEWICON Chanda Reversible Dress   Last few remaining £95
Hanoi Bamboo Rocking Chair NEWICON Hanoi Bamboo Rocking Chair In stock £95
Kerala Patch Dress NEWICON Kerala Patch Dress Limited availability £95
Biarritz Dress NEWICON Biarritz Dress In stock £100
Amalfi Jumpsuit NEWICON Amalfi Jumpsuit Limited availability £115
Brunswick 2-Seat Cubby Bench NEWICON Brunswick 2-Seat Cubby Bench In stock £155
Mayan Waterfall Cardigan NEWICON Mayan Waterfall Cardigan   Last few remaining £165
Kerala Patchwork Quilt NEWICON Kerala Patchwork Quilt   Last few remaining £185