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Explore our favourite gifts this season, bringing together food, books, toiletries and stationery that may be just too tempting to give away. Delicious and authentic flavours from across Europe make the perfect present for myriad occasions and our new toiletries offer a little indulgence at any time. Creative minds will appreciate the newest additions, from the genius of Andy Warhol to creating your own art.
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Black & Ginger Felted Feline Decorations NEWICON Black & Ginger Felted Feline Decorations £17.99
Chalet Decorations NEWICON Chalet Decorations £5.99
4 Provençal Lavender Bags NEWICON 4 Provençal Lavender Bags £6.99
Mushroom Pate NEWICON Mushroom Pate £7.99
Provençal Lavender Soap NEWICON Provençal Lavender Soap £7.99
Provençal Rose Soap NEWICON Provençal Rose Soap £7.99
Provençal Verbena Soap NEWICON Provençal Verbena Soap £7.99
Spicy Bean Crush NEWICON Spicy Bean Crush £7.99
A Nest of Vipers NEWICON A Nest of Vipers £8.99
The Pyramid of Mud NEWICON The Pyramid of Mud £8.99
Beryl Cook Calendar NEWICON Beryl Cook Calendar £9.99
Beryl Cook Diary NEWICON Beryl Cook Diary £9.99
Birdcage Thank You Cards Box NEWICON Birdcage Thank You Cards Box £9.99
Bloomsbury NEWICON Bloomsbury £10
Camden Town NEWICON Camden Town £10
Soho NEWICON Soho £10
Pop-up Sunflowers Cards NEWICON Pop-up Sunflowers Cards £12.99
House of Snow NEWICON House of Snow £14.99
The Magic Lamp NEWICON The Magic Lamp £16.99
Beryl Cook Calendar & Diary NEWICON Beryl Cook Calendar & Diary £18.99
Auvergne Pâtes de Fruits Box NEWICON Auvergne Pâtes de Fruits Box £19.99
Lavender & Verbena Candle NEWICON Lavender & Verbena Candle £19.99
French Hand Creams NEWICON French Hand Creams £22.99
Sweet & Spicy Mixed Nuts NEWICON Sweet & Spicy Mixed Nuts £24.99
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We celebrate the creativity of artisans from around the world, often using traditional crafts with a contemporary twist in unique ideas for you and your home. We always aim to work responsibly and hope that, like us, you will find any minor variations in handmade products only add to their appeal.