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New Gifts

Plan ahead with our unique selection of gifts from far-flung places, authentic food, indulgent toiletries and well-chosen books to suit all tastes.
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Eighteen Below NEWICON Eighteen Below £7.99
Felted Penguin Keyring NEWICON Felted Penguin Keyring £7.99
Italian Oil & Vinegar Minis Set NEWICON Italian Oil & Vinegar Minis Set £7.99
Jalisco Star Decoration NEWICON Jalisco Star Decoration £7.99
Mint Chocolate Pine Pillows NEWICON Mint Chocolate Pine Pillows £7.99
The Ninth Grave NEWICON The Ninth Grave £7.99
Victim Without A Face NEWICON Victim Without A Face £7.99
Honeycomb Star Christmas Cards NEWICON Honeycomb Star Christmas Cards £8.99
12 Days of Christmas Lollipops NEWICON 12 Days of Christmas Lollipops £9.99
A Mindful Day Desk Calendar NEWICON A Mindful Day Desk Calendar £9.99
Ailsa Black Calendar NEWICON Ailsa Black Calendar £9.99
Animetrics NEWICON Animetrics £9.99
Chalet Tealight Holder NEWICON Chalet Tealight Holder £9.99
Chocolate Almond 'Olives' NEWICON Chocolate Almond 'Olives' £9.99
Chocolate Fig Dessert 'Salame' NEWICON Chocolate Fig Dessert 'Salame' £9.99
City Mazes NEWICON City Mazes £9.99
Dragon's Egg Tangram Puzzle NEWICON Dragon's Egg Tangram Puzzle £9.99
Drama Llama Decoration NEWICON Drama Llama Decoration £9.99
Felt Diplodocus Christmas Decoration NEWICON Felt Diplodocus Christmas Decoration £9.99
Felt T-Rex Christmas Decoration NEWICON Felt T-Rex Christmas Decoration £9.99
Press Out Christmas Ornaments NEWICON Press Out Christmas Ornaments £9.99
Skanor Silhouette Decoration NEWICON Skanor Silhouette Decoration £9.99
Tuscan Soft Amaretti Biscuits NEWICON Tuscan Soft Amaretti Biscuits £9.99
The Little Book of Building Fires NEWICON The Little Book of Building Fires £10
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