Bringing your favourite destinations home. Explore Furniture and Furnishings from around the globe which celebrate regional craftsmanship and patterns. From the vibrancy of India to the calm harmonious lines of Scandinavia, chairs and stools, table and useful storage for every room. Rugs cushions and throws reinterpret motifs from near and far, a modern journey on the Silk Road from East Asia to Italy. Fill your home with colour and individual pieces each with a story to tell.
Chairs & Stools Chests & Tables Storage & Hooks
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Jaisalmer 3-Drawer Storage NEWICON Jaisalmer 3-Drawer Storage £40
3 Bird Wall Hooks 3 Bird Wall Hooks £14.99
Elephant Box Elephant Box £45
3-Drawer Bone Table Top Storage 3-Drawer Bone Table Top Storage £40
Libellule Dragonfly Hooks Libellule Dragonfly Hooks £35
Kirov Lidded Box Kirov Lidded Box £40
Gordes Triple Storage Unit Gordes Triple Storage Unit £145
Rivera Embroidered Armchair Rivera Embroidered Armchair £655
Tewa Linen Basket Tewa Linen Basket £95
Pau Elm & Rattan Chair Pau Elm & Rattan Chair £160
Honey Willow 2 Basket Bench Honey Willow 2 Basket Bench £200
Acacia 10 Bottle Storage Acacia 10 Bottle Storage £230
Scandi Teak Tallback Chair Scandi Teak Tallback Chair £280
6-Drawer Storage Cabinet Fair_Trade 6-Drawer Storage Cabinet £335
Buda Velvet Embroidered Armchair Buda Velvet Embroidered Armchair £655
Vézac Velvet High Back Armchair Vézac Velvet High Back Armchair £685
Liski Hook Liski Hook £5.99
Sunflower Stool Sunflower Stool £28
Folding Fish Stool Folding Fish Stool £32
Bramming 13-Drawer Chest Bramming 13-Drawer Chest £175
Tiger, Tiger Pot Tiger, Tiger Pot £19.99
Chudovo Triple Hooks Fair_Trade Chudovo Triple Hooks £24.99
Set of Kerala Elephant Wall Hooks Set of Kerala Elephant Wall Hooks £14.99
Acacia Twist Table Fair_Trade Acacia Twist Table £130

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