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Hairy Coos Footstool Hairy Coos Footstool Pre-Order £85
Bramming 13-Drawer Chest Bramming 13-Drawer Chest In stock £175
Sunflower Stool Sunflower Stool Pre-Order £40
Chudovo Triple Hooks Fair_Trade Chudovo Triple Hooks Pre-Order £24.99
Meghalaya 3-Drawer Storage Chest Meghalaya 3-Drawer Storage Chest In stock £42
Elephant Box Elephant Box In stock £45
Madison Wall Dresser Madison Wall Dresser Pre-Order £135
Kerala Elephant Wall Hook Left Facing Kerala Elephant Wall Hook Left Facing In stock £7.99
Adoor Recycled Fabric Footstool Fair_Trade Adoor Recycled Fabric Footstool   Last few remaining £60
Recycled Fabric Pouffe Fair_Trade Recycled Fabric Pouffe In stock £90
Nara Wood Stool Nara Wood Stool In stock £160
Holden Storage Unit Holden Storage Unit In stock £215
Pankova Velvet Footstool Pankova Velvet Footstool In stock £255
Caribe Mosaic Table Caribe Mosaic Table   Last few remaining £95
Bolivia Compact 2-Drawer Unit Bolivia Compact 2-Drawer Unit   Last few remaining £105
Granada Slimline Wall Cupboard Granada Slimline Wall Cupboard In stock £130
Moray Woven Screen Moray Woven Screen Pre-Order £135
Acacia Twist Table Acacia Twist Table Pre-Order £140
Corrales Magazine Table Fair_Trade Corrales Magazine Table Pre-Order £140
Hacienda Coffee Table Hacienda Coffee Table   Last few remaining £150
Sunflower Pine 1-Drawer Table Sunflower Pine 1-Drawer Table Pre-Order £155
Klee 7-Drawer Tallboy Klee 7-Drawer Tallboy In stock £160
Bayswater 3-Drawer Unit Bayswater 3-Drawer Unit In stock £175
Ben Lomond Small Cubby Storage Ben Lomond Small Cubby Storage In stock £175
Holden Furniture Tallboy Holden Furniture Tallboy In stock £185
Kinsale 6-Drawer Tallboy Kinsale 6-Drawer Tallboy Pre-Order £195
Acacia Drop-Leaf Table Acacia Drop-Leaf Table   Last few remaining £200
Ben Lomond Cubby Storage Ben Lomond Cubby Storage In stock £220
Moutarde Velvet Occasional Chair Moutarde Velvet Occasional Chair   Last few remaining £230
Ronda 8-Drawer Storage Unit Ronda 8-Drawer Storage Unit Pre-Order £230
Berber Fringed Bench Berber Fringed Bench Pre-Order £240
Narrow 4-Drawer Tallboy Fair_Trade Narrow 4-Drawer Tallboy Pre-Order £250
Kasbah Nesting Tables Kasbah Nesting Tables Pre-Order £255
Ben Lomond 12-Cubby Storage Ben Lomond 12-Cubby Storage In stock £270
Cromarty Rattan Tub Chair Cromarty Rattan Tub Chair Pre-Order £275
Sunflower Pine Coffee Table Sunflower Pine Coffee Table   Last few remaining £335
Samarkand 9-Drawer Cabinet Fair_Trade Samarkand 9-Drawer Cabinet Pre-Order £350
Bayswater 12-Drawer Sideboard Bayswater 12-Drawer Sideboard In stock £495
Sombrillo Chair Sombrillo Chair Pre-Order £670
Assayi Chair Assayi Chair Pre-Order £700
Rivera Embroidered Armchair Rivera Embroidered Armchair Pre-Order £720
Pankova Velvet Chair Pankova Velvet Chair Pre-Order £920
Lochan Compact Velvet Armchair NEWICON Lochan Compact Velvet Armchair   Out of stock £415
Elephant Side Table Elephant Side Table   Out of stock £140
Folding Fish Stool Folding Fish Stool   Out of stock £32
Jaipur Painted Sideboard Jaipur Painted Sideboard   Out of stock £525
Ceramic 6-Drawer Tabletop Storage Ceramic 6-Drawer Tabletop Storage   Out of stock £45