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Recycled Fabric Pouffe Fair_Trade Recycled Fabric Pouffe Pre-Order £90
Moutarde Velvet Occasional Chair NEWICON Moutarde Velvet Occasional Chair Pre-Order £230
Angers Compact Occasional Chair NEWICON Angers Compact Occasional Chair In stock £290
Braemar Tweed Bench NEWICON Braemar Tweed Bench In stock £599
Sunflower Stool Sunflower Stool In stock £35
Hairy Coos Footstool Hairy Coos Footstool Pre-Order £95
Folding Fish Stool Folding Fish Stool In stock £32
Adoor Recycled Fabric Footstool Fair_Trade Adoor Recycled Fabric Footstool In stock £65
Nara Wood Stool Nara Wood Stool In stock £160
Pankova Velvet Footstool Pankova Velvet Footstool In stock £255
Pankova Velvet Chair Pankova Velvet Chair   Last few remaining £915
Hacienda Coffee Table Hacienda Coffee Table In stock £150
Sannes Compact Sofa Sannes Compact Sofa   Last few remaining £400
Pink Velvet Tub Chair Pink Velvet Tub Chair   Last few remaining £420
Assayi Chair Assayi Chair   Last few remaining £700
Rivera Embroidered Armchair Rivera Embroidered Armchair Pre-Order £715
Zhuang Embroidered Armchair Zhuang Embroidered Armchair Pre-Order £895
Bleu Marin Cane Tub Chair NEWICON Bleu Marin Cane Tub Chair   Out of stock £235
Red Casa Wicker Armchair Red Casa Wicker Armchair   Out of stock £200