Saltbox Folding Fish Stool

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Fishing stool recalling the rustic, clapboard charm of a New England Saltbox house, so-called for the steep pitch of the roof, making it tall at the front and low at the back and g...
Saltbox Folding Fish Stool
Fishing stool recalling the rustic, clapboard charm of a New England Saltbox house, so-called for the steep pitch of the roof, making it tall at the front and low at the back and giving a folded-up look, redolent of the shape of 17th century salt boxes used to preserve the valuable condiment. Fun fish-shape that could be used as a small table; an ideal accompaniment to a beachfront picnic.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Blue
Painted albesia wood top
Rustic finish
c.41 x 31cm
Stands 33cm tall
Folds away
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Overall product rating 4.3/5
By Pammyrop
20 April 2024
Newcastle upon Tyne
Service Rating:
I’ve looked at this in almost every book I’ve been sent and at last decided to buy it! And I love it! It’s just as it looks in the picture. I would highly recommend it!
By P Smith
13 June 2022
Service Rating:
Cheerful table for the garden. Small enough to be practical and fold away.
By Alison
30 May 2022
Service Rating:
Looks fun but rather crudely made and difficult to open.
17 May 2022
Service Rating:
Was bought as a gift- couldn’t give it as it stood
By Mrs Pirkko Carmack
12 May 2022
Service Rating:
Fabulous small side tables, so light, fold away quickly, real space savers, worth every penny, glad I ordered two straight away, will use them inside and in the garden.
03 June 2021
Service Rating:
Loved the stool. Looks great in my conservatory. Great service!
By Mrs Jennie Thomas
20 November 2020
Service Rating:
Attractive colours, well made and a conversation piece.
16 November 2020
Service Rating:
I saw this fish stool in the catelogue and thought how unusual it was. Perhaps smaller than I imagined but lovely colours in the fish shaped to and it folds neatly. Highly recommended
By Kay Thompson
24 September 2020
Service Rating:
They look a little rougher in real life. They are fit for purpose as little side tables, and my grand children should be able to sit on them
By Kirsteen Gray
28 May 2020
Service Rating:
Lovely little table to use in my campervan.