Saltbox Folding Fish Stool

Fishing stool recalling the rustic, clapboard charm of a New England ‘Saltbox’ house, so-called for the steep pitch of the roof, making it tall at the front and low at the back and giving a ‘folded-up’ look, redolent of the shape of 17th century salt boxes used to preserve the valuable condiment. Fun fish-shaped camping stool or small table; an ideal accompaniment to a beachfront picnic.

Painted albesia wood top.
c.41 x 31cm, stands 33cm tall; folds away.
Fair Trade.
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Overall product rating 5/5
03 November 2017
Service Rating:
Unusual, nicely rustic and good pastel colours
27 September 2017
Service Rating:
The photo made it look better than the reality. I still love it. But it feels sloppily painted in parts and the overall look is shabby and worn,
which is fun but not what I was expecting! :)
15 September 2017
Service Rating:
Great fun multiple uses hope it will be appreciated as a Christmas present
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