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Our latest clothing edits invite you to share our passion for pattern. From bold, folk florals inspired by Russian and Hungarian traditions to Indian embroidery, discover clothes and accessories to stir your soul.
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Pirou Linen Trousers Pirou Linen Trousers £75
Atami Culottes Atami Culottes £80
Karuizawa Tunic ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Karuizawa Tunic £80
Azteca Tunic ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Azteca Tunic £85
Birds of  Paradise Jacket Birds of Paradise Jacket £85
Dardilly Skirt Dardilly Skirt £85
Elbe Tunic Elbe Tunic £85
Eluru Reversible Jacket Eluru Reversible Jacket £85
Madurai Reversible Jacket Madurai Reversible Jacket £85
Tiya Reversible Jacket Tiya Reversible Jacket £85
Varanasi Quilted Waistcoat Varanasi Quilted Waistcoat £85
Inna Longline Waistcoat Inna Longline Waistcoat £90
Kalamkari Skirt Kalamkari Skirt £95
Taza Dress Taza Dress £95
Lalgarh Velvet Tunic Lalgarh Velvet Tunic £120
Mezyn Dress Mezyn Dress £140
Colburn Sleeveless Jacket Colburn Sleeveless Jacket £145
Saint-Germain Dress Saint-Germain Dress £175
Srinagar Wool Jacket Srinagar Wool Jacket £190
Felted Dog Slippers Felted Dog Slippers £28
Blue Dinan Top ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Blue Dinan Top £35
Andaman Tunic ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Andaman Tunic £38
Himachal Tunic Himachal Tunic £38
Agra Flowers Cotton Tunic Agra Flowers Cotton Tunic £40
Black Huckaback Hem Trousers Black Huckaback Hem Trousers £40
Turmeric Lace-hem Trousers ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Turmeric Lace-hem Trousers £40
Pawnee Jumper Pawnee Jumper £42
Katarma Embroidered Tunic Katarma Embroidered Tunic £45
Sapporo Cotton Robe Sapporo Cotton Robe £45
Kakinada Embroidered Tunic Back_In_Stock Kakinada Embroidered Tunic £50
Picardy Cotton Nightdress Picardy Cotton Nightdress £50
Rosarito Printed Top Rosarito Printed Top £52
Mink Sarafan Harem Trousers ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Mink Sarafan Harem Trousers £55
Carolee Cropped Wide Leg Trousers Carolee Cropped Wide Leg Trousers £60
Coronado Cardigan Coronado Cardigan £62
Amit Cotton Dress Amit Cotton Dress £65
Janjehli Pyjamas ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Janjehli Pyjamas £65
Keszthely Tunic Keszthely Tunic £68
Dax Jacket Yellow Dax Jacket Yellow £75
Broek Reversible Jacket Broek Reversible Jacket £85
Glendalough Poncho Glendalough Poncho £85
Huicungo Skirt Huicungo Skirt £85
Malana Dress Malana Dress £85
Yongding Jacket Yongding Jacket £85
Tatra Blue Wool Waistcoat Tatra Blue Wool Waistcoat £90
Tatra Wool Waistcoat Tatra Wool Waistcoat £90
Skaddan Fair Isle Jumper Skaddan Fair Isle Jumper £100
Foxford Cardigan Back_In_Stock Foxford Cardigan £125

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