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Embrace a wanderlust wardrobe, layering bold and beautiful patterns from India and Morocco warmed with tones of turmeric and chilli
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Quito Sweater Fair_Trade Quito Sweater £75
Glashan Leather Across Body Bag NEWICON Glashan Leather Across Body Bag £90
Lazio Lace Top NEWICON Lazio Lace Top £100
Alberta Lined Hooded Cardigan Fair_Trade Alberta Lined Hooded Cardigan £125
Narva Wool Cardigan NEWICON Narva Wool Cardigan £195
Donegal Mohair Jacket NEWICON Donegal Mohair Jacket £250
Koi Socks NEWICON Koi Socks £11.99
Alliums Scarf NEWICON Alliums Scarf £14.99
Bandelier Earrings NEWICON Bandelier Earrings £14.99
Bright Abstraction Earrings NEWICON Bright Abstraction Earrings £14.99
Celebes Clip-on Earrings NEWICON Celebes Clip-on Earrings £14.99
Kyoto Earrings NEWICON Kyoto Earrings £14.99
Celebes Bracelet NEWICON Celebes Bracelet £19.99
Bandelier Bracelet NEWICON Bandelier Bracelet £24.99
Mandawa Bag NEWICON Mandawa Bag £24.99
Kilda Bag NEWICON Kilda Bag £28
Gimar Peacock Enamelled Earrings NEWICON Gimar Peacock Enamelled Earrings £30
Harmony Brass Locket NEWICON Harmony Brass Locket £30
Abisko Metallic Bag NEWICON Abisko Metallic Bag £35
Amasya Necklace NEWICON Amasya Necklace £35
Gimar Flower Enamelled Earrings NEWICON Gimar Flower Enamelled Earrings £35
Silk Majuli Scarf NEWICON Silk Majuli Scarf £35
Suzhou Necklace NEWICON Suzhou Necklace £35
Pushkar Dawn Cotton Top NEWICON Pushkar Dawn Cotton Top £38
Yashilkul Scarf NEWICON Yashilkul Scarf £40
Lampang Earrings NEWICON Lampang Earrings £42
Fara Tweed Bag Fair_Trade Fara Tweed Bag £45
Katarma Embroidered Tunic NEWICON Katarma Embroidered Tunic £45
Lightweight Quilted Gilet NEWICON Lightweight Quilted Gilet £45
Rajasthan Labradorite Pendant NEWICON Rajasthan Labradorite Pendant £45
Sisodia Enamelled Earrings NEWICON Sisodia Enamelled Earrings £45
Zanskar Cotton Robe NEWICON Zanskar Cotton Robe £45
Damascena Pyjamas NEWICON Damascena Pyjamas £50
Ivory Bindu Tunic NEWICON Ivory Bindu Tunic £50
Kakinada Embroidered  Tunic NEWICON Kakinada Embroidered Tunic £50
Namtso Sheepskin Slippers NEWICON Namtso Sheepskin Slippers £50
Rajasthan Labradorite Earrings NEWICON Rajasthan Labradorite Earrings £50
Tulipany Shawl NEWICON Tulipany Shawl £50
Luskentyre Tweed Bag NEWICON Luskentyre Tweed Bag £55
Areca Silk Chiffon Scarf NEWICON Areca Silk Chiffon Scarf £58
Cranes Silk Scarf NEWICON Cranes Silk Scarf £58
Nasturtium Silk Chiffon Scarf NEWICON Nasturtium Silk Chiffon Scarf £58
White Sands Chiffon Silk Scarf NEWICON White Sands Chiffon Silk Scarf £58
Yoshino Silk Chiffon Scarf NEWICON Yoshino Silk Chiffon Scarf £58
Ali Qapu Kimono jacket NEWICON Ali Qapu Kimono jacket £60
Belur Bell Slippers NEWICON Belur Bell Slippers £60
Buddhist Silver Pendant NEWICON Buddhist Silver Pendant £60
Heartline Turquoise Necklace NEWICON Heartline Turquoise Necklace £60

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