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Embrace the New Year with a bold and beautiful outlook and colours that sing with the vibrancy of Mexico, Russia, India and East Asia. Our latest collection celebrates folk motifs from Latin America to Hungary, reinterpreting regional crafts and patterns whether embellished or embroidered, woven or stitched. Vintage finds inspired an unashamedly romantic French collection and a Highlands tale, retold through heritage patterns..
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Donegal Mohair Jacket NEWICON Donegal Mohair Jacket £250
Harlequin Cotton Socks NEWICON Harlequin Cotton Socks £12.99
Stripes Cotton Socks NEWICON Stripes Cotton Socks £12.99
Colour field Stripes Dressing Gown NEWICON Colour field Stripes Dressing Gown £75
Gillen Hat NEWICON Gillen Hat £28
Bern Fairisle Snood NEWICON Bern Fairisle Snood £24.99
Sanchi Kaftan NEWICON Sanchi Kaftan £55
Bower Fleece Jacket NEWICON Bower Fleece Jacket £45
Charminar Robe NEWICON Charminar Robe £35
Lofoten Cotton Pyjamas NEWICON Lofoten Cotton Pyjamas £65
Narva Wool Cardigan NEWICON Narva Wool Cardigan £195
Thurso Leather Card Holder NEWICON Thurso Leather Card Holder £12.99
Lewis Fairisle Socks - Black NEWICON Lewis Fairisle Socks - Black £14.99
Lewis Fairisle Socks - Red NEWICON Lewis Fairisle Socks - Red £14.99
Lochinver Lambswool Hat NEWICON Lochinver Lambswool Hat £22.99
Lochinver Lambswool Scarf NEWICON Lochinver Lambswool Scarf £48
Kirkhill Sheepskin Slipper NEWICON Kirkhill Sheepskin Slipper £60
Laggan Pyjamas NEWICON Laggan Pyjamas £65
Nainital Cotton Pyjamas NEWICON Nainital Cotton Pyjamas £65
Orta Lurex Top NEWICON Orta Lurex Top £65
Quito Sweater NEWICON Quito Sweater £75
Elbe Tunic NEWICON Elbe Tunic £85
Taza Dress NEWICON Taza Dress £95
Wick Leather Across Body Bag NEWICON Wick Leather Across Body Bag £95
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