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New Clothing

Our latest clothing edits invite you to share our passion for pattern. From bold, folk florals inspired by Russian and Hungarian traditions to Indian embroidery, discover clothes and accessories to stir your soul.
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Abstract Reversible Dress NEWICON Abstract Reversible Dress Limited availability £90
Tihany Tunic NEWICON Tihany Tunic In stock £38
Jaipur Cotton Robe NEWICON Jaipur Cotton Robe In stock £48
Mezyn Cotton Dress NEWICON Mezyn Cotton Dress In stock £100
Kolsay Longline Cotton Shirt NEWICON Kolsay Longline Cotton Shirt   Last few remaining £50
Bagru Cotton Tunic NEWICON Bagru Cotton Tunic In stock £60
Abstract Menhir Shirt NEWICON Abstract Menhir Shirt   Last few remaining £65
Amasya Cotton Tunic NEWICON Amasya Cotton Tunic   Last few remaining £68
Artist’s Stripe Dress NEWICON Artist’s Stripe Dress   Last few remaining £75
Astana Tunic NEWICON Astana Tunic Limited availability £80
Abstract Reversible Jacket NEWICON Abstract Reversible Jacket   Last few remaining £85
Anguilla Cotton Tunic NEWICON Anguilla Cotton Tunic   Last few remaining £85
Brittany Gingham Dress NEWICON Brittany Gingham Dress Pre-Order £85
Vézelay Shirtdress NEWICON Vézelay Shirtdress   Last few remaining £85
Biarritz Dress NEWICON Biarritz Dress   Last few remaining £100
Painterly Cover-Up NEWICON Painterly Cover-Up In stock £45
Puebla Cotton Tunic NEWICON Puebla Cotton Tunic In stock £45
Liberec Cover-up NEWICON Liberec Cover-up   Last few remaining £55
Marrakesh Cover-Up Fair_Trade Marrakesh Cover-Up In stock £58
Shisheh Cotton Tunic NEWICON Shisheh Cotton Tunic In stock £60
Rayé Jumper NEWICON Rayé Jumper   Last few remaining £65
Tamegroute Jumpsuit NEWICON Tamegroute Jumpsuit Pre-Order £65
Zadar Cotton Dress NEWICON Zadar Cotton Dress In stock £65
Turquesa Jersey Dress Fair_Trade Turquesa Jersey Dress   Last few remaining £75

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