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Embrace a wanderlust wardrobe, layering bold and beautiful patterns from India and Morocco warmed with tones of turmeric and chilli
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Moonstruck Hare Brooch NEWICON Moonstruck Hare Brooch £9.99
Samburu Necklace NEWICON Samburu Necklace £11.99
Surma Tribal Scarf NEWICON Surma Tribal Scarf £14.99
Trio of Mahe Bangles NEWICON Trio of Mahe Bangles £16.99
Haiti Blooms Earrings NEWICON Haiti Blooms Earrings £17.99
Santec Bangle NEWICON Santec Bangle £17.99
Dades Bangle NEWICON Dades Bangle £19.99
Dades Flower Bangle NEWICON Dades Flower Bangle £22.99
Chamba Wallet NEWICON Chamba Wallet £24.99
Indian Patchwork Bag NEWICON Indian Patchwork Bag £24.99
Tregastel Brooch NEWICON Tregastel Brooch £24.99
Olsztyn Canvas Bag NEWICON Olsztyn Canvas Bag £35
Socorro Earrings NEWICON Socorro Earrings £35
Ilocos Earrings NEWICON Ilocos Earrings £38
Locronan Top NEWICON Locronan Top £38
Ilocos Necklace NEWICON Ilocos Necklace £40
Jade Seas Lace-hem Trousers NEWICON Jade Seas Lace-hem Trousers £40
Meknes Tunic NEWICON Meknes Tunic £40
Soccoro Necklace NEWICON Soccoro Necklace £40
Kerala Robe NEWICON Kerala Robe £45
Sisodia Pink Earrings NEWICON Sisodia Pink Earrings £45
Yvoire Scarf NEWICON Yvoire Scarf £45
Baracoa Cover-up NEWICON Baracoa Cover-up £48
Modelo Scarf NEWICON Modelo Scarf £48
Hóngsè Leather Bag NEWICON Hóngsè Leather Bag £50
Tarma Bag NEWICON Tarma Bag £50
Men's Riquewihr Shirt NEWICON Men's Riquewihr Shirt £55
Occitania Espadrille NEWICON Occitania Espadrille £55
Peshawar Agate Earrings NEWICON Peshawar Agate Earrings £55
Tapiz Bag NEWICON Tapiz Bag £55
Asilah Chiffon Scarf NEWICON Asilah Chiffon Scarf £58
Chiffon Niujie Scarf NEWICON Chiffon Niujie Scarf £58
Ifrane Top NEWICON Ifrane Top £60
Tsurui Top NEWICON Tsurui Top £60
Janjehli Pyjamas NEWICON Janjehli Pyjamas £65
Dax Jacket Aqua NEWICON Dax Jacket Aqua £75
Dax Jacket Red NEWICON Dax Jacket Red £75
Honfleur Leather Bag NEWICON Honfleur Leather Bag £75
Pirou Linen Trousers NEWICON Pirou Linen Trousers £75
Visby Leather Bag NEWICON Visby Leather Bag £75
Karuizawa Tunic NEWICON Karuizawa Tunic £80
Azteca Tunic NEWICON Azteca Tunic £85
Boudhanath Trousers NEWICON Boudhanath Trousers £85
Geiranger Loafers NEWICON Geiranger Loafers £85
Panauti Jacket NEWICON Panauti Jacket £85
Turquesa Sandals NEWICON Turquesa Sandals £85
Ladakh Jacket NEWICON Ladakh Jacket £100
Hezou Necklace NEWICON Hezou Necklace £125

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