New Garden

Embrace the summer with new ideas to make the most of your garden.
Create a tranquil Moroccan retreat or bring joyful folk art traditions to your own home.
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Kyoto Solar Stake Light NEWICON Kyoto Solar Stake Light £19.99
4 Parrot Pot Sitters NEWICON 4 Parrot Pot Sitters £22.99
Kuli Plant Pot NEWICON Kuli Plant Pot £12.99
Ballerina Sculpture NEWICON Ballerina Sculpture £85
Diwali Candle Bowls NEWICON Diwali Candle Bowls £17.99
Foça Navy Cotton Throw NEWICON Foça Navy Cotton Throw £19.99
Foça Orange Cotton Throw NEWICON Foça Orange Cotton Throw £19.99
Yellow Clay Tea Light Holder NEWICON Yellow Clay Tea Light Holder £12.99
Hanging Bird Feeder NEWICON Hanging Bird Feeder £28
Faverolles Chicken Planter NEWICON Faverolles Chicken Planter £45
Red Clay Tea Light Holder NEWICON Red Clay Tea Light Holder £12.99
4 Painted Metal Alliums NEWICON 4 Painted Metal Alliums £50
Daisy Watering Can NEWICON Daisy Watering Can £35
Luberon Watering Can NEWICON Luberon Watering Can £35
Frida Portrait Cushion NEWICON Frida Portrait Cushion £45
Limahuli Cushion NEWICON Limahuli Cushion £30
Green Abstract Planters NEWICON Green Abstract Planters £19.99
Pueblo Patterns Serving Bowl NEWICON Pueblo Patterns Serving Bowl £35
Large Klagetoh Planter Stand NEWICON Large Klagetoh Planter Stand £45
Pom-Pom Throw NEWICON Pom-Pom Throw £65
Set of 2 Klagetoh Planter Stands Fair_Trade Set of 2 Klagetoh Planter Stands £75
Kerala Mirror NEWICON Kerala Mirror £115
Orange Casa Wicker Armchair NEWICON Orange Casa Wicker Armchair £195
Red Casa Wicker Armchair NEWICON Red Casa Wicker Armchair £195

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