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Alfonso Felt Guinea Pig on Sled

ITEM CODE: 65297
Did you know that guinea pigs don't come from Guinea? They actually herald from the Andes region of South America! Journeying from the grasslands and forest edges of South America,...
Did you know that guinea pigs don't come from Guinea? They actually herald from the Andes region of South America! Journeying from the grasslands and forest edges of South America, this cheeky wool felted guinea pig has arrived in time for Christmas. A characterful chap, 'Alfonso the Guinea Pig' wears a jolly red Santa hat and is having the time of his life on a sporting steel sled. Add some sweetness to a stocking or use this playful decoration to create a charming festive scene this Christmas. This globetrotting guinea pig is a jolly gift that will truly make someone's Christmas!
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Red, Brown, Cream, Black
Wool felt, polyester filling, steel wire sled
7cm tall
Not a toy
Handmade size may vary
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Overall product rating 4.7/5
22 November 2020
Service Rating:
Perfect for my nieces on their tree.
20 November 2020
Service Rating:
A little pricey for an ornament perhaps, but it is very cute and, as always with Culture Vulture, different from the "norm". Giving as a present for a family with guinea pigs, so they will love it I am sure!
19 November 2020
Service Rating:
slightly smaller than i thought but nonetheless a nice novelty product
17 November 2020
Service Rating:
A nice little decoration. Though I forgot to do the measuring thing and it's not as big as I'd hoped.
13 November 2020
Service Rating:
This is just fun. It is probably an expensive felt decoration but is unique and delightful.
12 November 2020
Merthyr Tydfil
Service Rating:
Love it ... very sweet & lovely gift for my guinea pig loving sister in law