Ornaments & Statues

Distinctive ornaments inspired by art from around the world, from simple African sculpture to the serenity of East Asia and the rustic charm of New England.
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Croaking Wooden Frog NEWICON Croaking Wooden Frog In stock £5.99
Torngat Moose Ornament NEWICON Torngat Moose Ornament In stock £12.99
Mini Buddha Ornament NEWICON Mini Buddha Ornament In stock £4.99
Macaw Windchime Fair_Trade Macaw Windchime In stock £19.99
Lorikeet Storage Jar NEWICON Lorikeet Storage Jar In stock £35
Chobe Elephant Ornament Fair_Trade Chobe Elephant Ornament In stock £30
Caithness Vortex Crystal Paperweight NEWICON Caithness Vortex Crystal Paperweight In stock £50
Duck Feet Display Stand NEWICON Duck Feet Display Stand In stock £17.99
Kantha Painted Tray NEWICON Kantha Painted Tray In stock £28
Bavaria Gingerbread House Ornament NEWICON Bavaria Gingerbread House Ornament In stock £48
Savannah Gazelle Mask Fair_Trade Savannah Gazelle Mask In stock £17.99
Bhikkhu Bookends NEWICON Bhikkhu Bookends In stock £45
Sussex Art Vase NEWICON Sussex Art Vase In stock £38
Kruger Elephant Ornament Fair_Trade Kruger Elephant Ornament In stock £45
Lotus Lacquered Jewellery Box NEWICON Lotus Lacquered Jewellery Box In stock £75
Good Friends Porcelain Bird Good Friends Porcelain Bird In stock £5.99
Pays d’Auge Cockerel Pays d’Auge Cockerel In stock £19.99
Laughing Budai Laughing Budai   Last few remaining £16.99
Maasai Sculpture Maasai Sculpture In stock £40
Bathing Belle Bathing Belle In stock £15.99
'Wherever you go…' Guardian Angel 'Wherever you go…' Guardian Angel In stock £16.99
Grevy's Zebra Mask Fair_Trade Grevy's Zebra Mask In stock £30
Carved Gourd Bird Ornament Fair_Trade Carved Gourd Bird Ornament In stock £12.99
Laid back Lapin Rabbit Ornament Laid back Lapin Rabbit Ornament In stock £19.99

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