Ornaments & Statues

Distinctive ornaments inspired by art from around the world, from simple African sculpture to the serenity of East Asia and the rustic charm of New England.
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Abstract Elephant Trivet NEWICON Abstract Elephant Trivet £12.99
Ewe Are My World Keepsake NEWICON Ewe Are My World Keepsake £4.99
Friends Guardian Angel NEWICON Friends Guardian Angel £17.99
Laid back Lapin Ornament NEWICON Laid back Lapin Ornament £19.99
Luo Figure NEWICON Luo Figure £19.99
Pair of Whinchat Ornaments NEWICON Pair of Whinchat Ornaments £24.99
Grevy Mask NEWICON Grevy Mask £30
Home Sweet Home Ornament NEWICON Home Sweet Home Ornament £40
Auspicious Jade Ornament NEWICON Auspicious Jade Ornament £60
El Chile Ornament El Chile Ornament £19.99
Owl Calaca Owl Calaca £12.99
Armadillo Ornament Armadillo Ornament £12.99
Babushka Doll Babushka Doll £42
Please look after this Bear Keepsake Please look after this Bear Keepsake £5.50
Sealed with a Kiss Keepsake Sealed with a Kiss Keepsake £5.50
Good Friends Porcelain Bird Good Friends Porcelain Bird £5.99
Maasai Sculpture Maasai Sculpture £35
'Wherever you go…' Guardian Angel 'Wherever you go…' Guardian Angel £16.99
Laughing Budai Laughing Budai £16.99
Bathing Belle Bathing Belle £15.99
Soapstone Elephant Fair_Trade Soapstone Elephant £42
Keshavan Elephant Carving Keshavan Elephant Carving £19.99
Boundless Light Buddha Boundless Light Buddha £22.99
Lorikeet Lorikeet £22.99

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