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Malmo Reindeer Ornaments Malmo Reindeer Ornaments In stock £95
Set of 2 Good Luck Pandas Set of 2 Good Luck Pandas In stock £16.99
Tuskas Bell Decorations Tuskas Bell Decorations   Last few remaining £9.99
Montezuma Sequinned Parrot Decoration Montezuma Sequinned Parrot Decoration   Last few remaining £17.99
3 Gingerbread House Decorations 3 Gingerbread House Decorations   Last few remaining £12.99
Changshan Panda Changshan Panda In stock £8.99
Walter Le Westie Decoration Walter Le Westie Decoration In stock £9.99
Kimono Panda Kimono Panda In stock £8.99
Kerala Snowflake Decoration Kerala Snowflake Decoration   Last few remaining £11.99
Little Rockies Wooden Decorations Little Rockies Wooden Decorations In stock £14.99
Lascaris Glass Decoration Trio Lascaris Glass Decoration Trio   Last few remaining £19.99
Montana Lit Scene Decoration. Montana Lit Scene Decoration. In stock £12.99
Palekh Hand-painted Bauble Palekh Hand-painted Bauble In stock £24.99
Bora Bora Wood Turtle Sculpture Fair_Trade Bora Bora Wood Turtle Sculpture In stock £17.99
Standing Rainbow Maker Standing Rainbow Maker In stock £40
Kenyan Soapstone Zebra Fair_Trade Kenyan Soapstone Zebra In stock £4.99
Odense Rabbit Ornament NEWICON Odense Rabbit Ornament Pre-Order £5.99
Yoga Bunny Ornament NEWICON Yoga Bunny Ornament In stock £12.99
Tobermory Dandelion Ornament NEWICON Tobermory Dandelion Ornament Pre-Order £17.99
Namiri Hippo Ornament NEWICON Namiri Hippo Ornament In stock £18.99
Kerala Bird Ornament NEWICON Kerala Bird Ornament In stock £28
Lintu Porcelain Bird Ornaments NEWICON Lintu Porcelain Bird Ornaments In stock £28
Namaskara Mudra Buddha NEWICON Namaskara Mudra Buddha In stock £28
Puffin Ornament Fair_Trade Puffin Ornament In stock £28