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Embrace your outdoor space and create your destination garden with inspiring furniture and decor. Whether your garden is a place for mindfulness, entertaining or retreat, explore our unique edits to cover all bases and bring home new ideas. Prepare your garden for al fresco dining, green-fingered planting and relaxation with inspiration from the world’s most stunning outdoor spaces. From the nautical style of New England to tropical islands, East Asian retreats, French country gardens and Mediterranean terraces, discover outdoor seating, lighting, planters and ornaments for the perfect setting and ambience.
Garden Furniture Planters & Ornaments Garden Decor
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Gascony Planter NEWICON Gascony Planter In stock £16.99
Bumble Bee Wall Art NEWICON Bumble Bee Wall Art In stock £35
Pair of Colombes Garden Stakes NEWICON Pair of Colombes Garden Stakes Pre-Order £17.99
Rustic Compact Bird Feeder NEWICON Rustic Compact Bird Feeder In stock £28
Fleur Stake NEWICON Fleur Stake In stock £35
Dachshund Garden Ornament NEWICON Dachshund Garden Ornament In stock £38
Chao Planters NEWICON Chao Planters In stock £28
Pérouges Rooster NEWICON Pérouges Rooster In stock £38
New England Bird Table NEWICON New England Bird Table In stock £45
Shinto Planters NEWICON Shinto Planters In stock £65
Green Colombes Stake NEWICON Green Colombes Stake Pre-Order £8.99
Yellow Colombes Stake NEWICON Yellow Colombes Stake Pre-Order £8.99
Escargot Ornament NEWICON Escargot Ornament In stock £14.99
Platte River Stake NEWICON Platte River Stake In stock £14.99
Nerja Terracotta Planter NEWICON Nerja Terracotta Planter In stock £17.99
Swan Planter Fair_Trade Swan Planter In stock £19.99
Odonata Wall Art NEWICON Odonata Wall Art In stock £40
Japanese Stork Ornament NEWICON Japanese Stork Ornament In stock £50
York Bird Bath NEWICON York Bird Bath In stock £50
Pine Garden Cabinet NEWICON Pine Garden Cabinet In stock £90
Tournesol Corner Shelf NEWICON Tournesol Corner Shelf Pre-Order £110
Chaing Mai Buddha Fountain NEWICON Chaing Mai Buddha Fountain In stock £115
Cactus Side Table NEWICON Cactus Side Table In stock £145
Hacienda Coffee Table NEWICON Hacienda Coffee Table In stock £150
Arles Raised Planter NEWICON Arles Raised Planter In stock £160
Azteca Mexican Chimenea NEWICON Azteca Mexican Chimenea In stock £175
Hacienda Chair NEWICON Hacienda Chair In stock £185
Tournesol Bistro Set NEWICON Tournesol Bistro Set Pre-Order £220
Westport 2-Seater Bench NEWICON Westport 2-Seater Bench In stock £225
Maine Bistro Set NEWICON Maine Bistro Set Pre-Order £255
Pair of Hacienda Chairs NEWICON Pair of Hacienda Chairs In stock £340
Hacienda table and 2 chairs NEWICON Hacienda table and 2 chairs In stock £475
Nîmes Wall Art Nîmes Wall Art Pre-Order £32
Pine Plant Ladder Pine Plant Ladder Pre-Order £35
Resting Buddha Resting Buddha In stock £24.99
Elephant & Bell Wind chime Fair_Trade Elephant & Bell Wind chime In stock £9.99
Kotohiki Trellis Kotohiki Trellis In stock £50
Turtle Planter Turtle Planter In stock £65
Dancing Dragonfly Wind Chime Dancing Dragonfly Wind Chime In stock £14.99
Kyoto Solar Stake Light Kyoto Solar Stake Light In stock £19.99
Arles Wall Urn Planter Arles Wall Urn Planter In stock £22.99
Morannes Trellis Morannes Trellis In stock £28
4 LED Glass Cube Solar Lights 4 LED Glass Cube Solar Lights In stock £30
Yasugi Planter Yasugi Planter In stock £30
Red Clay Tea Light Holder Red Clay Tea Light Holder Pre-Order £14.99
Beehive Tea Light Holder Beehive Tea Light Holder In stock £19.99
Halki Wind Chime Fair_Trade Halki Wind Chime In stock £19.99
Hayle Planter Hayle Planter In stock £24.99

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