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Somero Folk Fox Cachepot NEWICON Somero Folk Fox Cachepot Pre-Order £19.99
Totma Folk Bird Fair_Trade Totma Folk Bird Pre-Order £22.99
Totma Folk Dog Fair_Trade Totma Folk Dog Pre-Order £32
Assam Elephant Watering Can NEWICON Assam Elephant Watering Can In stock £40
Sikkim Trio of Planters Fair_Trade Sikkim Trio of Planters Pre-Order £65
Sidney Pygmy Sloth Planter Sidney Pygmy Sloth Planter In stock £17.99
Elephant & Bell Wind chime Fair_Trade Elephant & Bell Wind chime In stock £9.99
Chao Planters Chao Planters In stock £12.99
Fleur Stake Fleur Stake   Last few remaining £35