Decorative Accessories

Discover a wonderful array of decorative ideas for your home, from bold Asian ceramics to charming Russian and Scandinavian folk design. Clocks to wind chimes, boxes to hanging decorations - we have the perfect finishing touches.
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Bamberg Festive Mice Decorations NEWICON Bamberg Festive Mice Decorations £12.99
Festive Metal Trees NEWICON Festive Metal Trees £12.99
Heartfelt Hanging Bells NEWICON Heartfelt Hanging Bells £14.99
Snowy Silhouette Bauble NEWICON Snowy Silhouette Bauble £6.99
Porcelain Gaurdian Angel NEWICON Porcelain Gaurdian Angel £7.99
Modernist Bird Coasters NEWICON Modernist Bird Coasters £11.99
Jumping Santas Decorations NEWICON Jumping Santas Decorations £12.99
Pawkins & Biddy Felt Dog Decorations NEWICON Pawkins & Biddy Felt Dog Decorations £12.99
Peacock Candle Holder NEWICON Peacock Candle Holder £12.99
Flying Reindeer Decoration NEWICON Flying Reindeer Decoration £14.99
Couture Travel Sewing Kit NEWICON Couture Travel Sewing Kit £17.99
Klee Abstract Vase NEWICON Klee Abstract Vase £19.99
Macaw Windchime Fair_Trade Macaw Windchime £19.99
Small Matyó Embroidered Wall Hoop NEWICON Small Matyó Embroidered Wall Hoop £19.99
Matyó Embroidered Wall Hoop NEWICON Matyó Embroidered Wall Hoop £22.99
Orange Chrysanthemum Hurricane Candle Fair_Trade Orange Chrysanthemum Hurricane Candle £22.99
Modernist Bird Placemats NEWICON Modernist Bird Placemats £24.99
Kantha Painted Tray NEWICON Kantha Painted Tray £28
Modernist Bird Mats & Coasters NEWICON Modernist Bird Mats & Coasters £35
Rocking Santa Decoration NEWICON Rocking Santa Decoration £38
Sussex Art Vase NEWICON Sussex Art Vase £38
Ceramic 6 Drawer Tabletop Storage NEWICON Ceramic 6 Drawer Tabletop Storage £42
Prizren Mango Wood Plate Fair_Trade Prizren Mango Wood Plate £45
Pair of Seal Sculptures NEWICON Pair of Seal Sculptures £55

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