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Felt Cabbage Bunny  Decoration NEWICON Felt Cabbage Bunny Decoration In stock £7.99
Auvergne Soap Dish NEWICON Auvergne Soap Dish In stock £8.50
Daisy & Gingham Egg Decorations NEWICON Daisy & Gingham Egg Decorations Pre-Order £8.99
Houdan Chicken Ornament NEWICON Houdan Chicken Ornament In stock £8.99
Litten Uggla Vase NEWICON Litten Uggla Vase In stock £8.99
Carrot Car Felt  Decoration NEWICON Carrot Car Felt Decoration In stock £9.99
Auvergne Bath Tub Soap Dish NEWICON Auvergne Bath Tub Soap Dish In stock £11.99
Brunswick Bunny - Betsy NEWICON Brunswick Bunny - Betsy In stock £11.99
Nordic Beehive Oil Burner NEWICON Nordic Beehive Oil Burner In stock £11.99
Rochester Rabbit Decoration Trio NEWICON Rochester Rabbit Decoration Trio Pre-Order £11.99
Agra Soap Dish Fair_Trade Agra Soap Dish In stock £12.99
Salem Slim Cat Ornament NEWICON Salem Slim Cat Ornament Pre-Order £12.99
Butterfly Blossom Paper Mobile NEWICON Butterfly Blossom Paper Mobile In stock £14.99
Salem Round Cat Ornament NEWICON Salem Round Cat Ornament In stock £14.99
Parachuting Rabbit Decorations NEWICON Parachuting Rabbit Decorations Pre-Order £16.99
Gina Giraffe Vase NEWICON Gina Giraffe Vase In stock £17.99
Always With You Angel Decoration NEWICON Always With You Angel Decoration In stock £19.99
Lisieux Bloom Decorations NEWICON Lisieux Bloom Decorations In stock £19.99
Swallow & Blooms Jar NEWICON Swallow & Blooms Jar Pre-Order £19.99
Kalmar Flowers Vase NEWICON Kalmar Flowers Vase In stock £22.99
Västerbotten  Fox NEWICON Västerbotten Fox In stock £22.99
The Giving Plate NEWICON The Giving Plate In stock £30
Massachusetts Homestead Pigs NEWICON Massachusetts Homestead Pigs In stock £48
Rustic Easter Wreath NEWICON Rustic Easter Wreath In stock £48