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Palm Lorikeet Jar New arrivals product icon Palm Lorikeet Jar In stock £40
Neon Sign Kit Neon Sign Kit In stock £14.99
Framed Sandscape Ornament Framed Sandscape Ornament In stock £30
Sigtuna Red Fox Jug Sigtuna Red Fox Jug Pre-Order £52
Heart & Birds Iron Wind chime Fair_Trade Heart & Birds Iron Wind chime In stock £15.99
Alpilles Doorstop Alpilles Doorstop In stock £23.99
Tikus Carved Mouse Ornament Fair_Trade Tikus Carved Mouse Ornament In stock £4.50
Trio of  Yoga Bunny Ornaments Trio of Yoga Bunny Ornaments In stock £36
Orchid Light String Orchid Light String In stock £40
Abrams Sheep Abrams Sheep In stock £32
Family Ceramic Decoration Family Ceramic Decoration In stock £7.25
Agra Soap Dish Fair_Trade Agra Soap Dish In stock £12.99
Teckel Doorstop Teckel Doorstop In stock £22.99
Cottontail Bunny Decoration Cottontail Bunny Decoration In stock £8.99
Påskhare Wooden Decorations Påskhare Wooden Decorations In stock £10.99
Indonesian Cat Puzzle Box Fair_Trade Indonesian Cat Puzzle Box Pre-Order £18.99
Seagull & Pasty Ornament Seagull & Pasty Ornament In stock £6.99
Compact 16 in 1 Bike Tool Compact 16 in 1 Bike Tool In stock £14.99
Best Friends Worry Dolls Fair_Trade Best Friends Worry Dolls In stock £6.99
Monsieur Souris Felt Decoration Monsieur Souris Felt Decoration   Last few remaining £9.99
Pair Of Klee Led Torches Pair Of Klee Led Torches In stock £10.99
Sanganer Yellow Elephant Decoration Fair_Trade Sanganer Yellow Elephant Decoration In stock £13.99
Llama Chia Seed Planter Llama Chia Seed Planter In stock £15.99
Porcelain Guardian Angel Porcelain Guardian Angel In stock £8.50