Tahitian Bird Pendant

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Save when you buy the Tahitian Bird Set
Capturing the vibrancy of ...
Save when you buy the Tahitian Bird Set
Capturing the vibrancy of island life from rainforest to shoreline, discover our latest edit of tropical accessories for you and your home. This Tahitian Bird Pendant necklace is created with an open-circle charm outlined gold with a colourful exotic bird accent. This lyrical tropical bird pendant is intricately hand-enamelled and gold-plated, bringing the vibrancy of the rainforests home. An elegant statement pendant, it echoes the vibrancy of lush tropical forests. May your imagination take flight.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Gold, Blue
Gold-plated and hand enamelled
3.5cm wide with 46cm chain, 4.5cm extender, Lobster clasp
Clean with a soft cloth
Gift Boxed
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Overall product rating 5/5
11 September 2020
Service Rating:
Unusual pendant that is beautifully finished