Wall Art & Mirrors

Make a bold statement on your walls with fine art prints celebrating some of the modern masters. Hand-carved wooden art from Africa, hand-stitched sentiments echoing New England folk traditions and vibrant motifs capturing the spirit of Morocco.
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Montane Wall Art NEWICON Montane Wall Art Pre-Order £28
Feather Wall Art NEWICON Feather Wall Art In stock £40
Mosaic Mirror Fair_Trade Mosaic Mirror In stock £30
Mitake Wall Art NEWICON Mitake Wall Art Pre-Order £68
Catherine Mirror NEWICON Catherine Mirror In stock £35
Angel Fish Wall Art NEWICON Angel Fish Wall Art Pre-Order £45
Shiraz Plaque NEWICON Shiraz Plaque In stock £55
Sakura Wall Art NEWICON Sakura Wall Art In stock £75
Circles in a Circle Print NEWICON Circles in a Circle Print In stock £85
Multi Shelf Wall Unit NEWICON Multi Shelf Wall Unit In stock £95
Sea Turtle Wall Art Sea Turtle Wall Art In stock £17.99
Urna Wall Plaque Urna Wall Plaque In stock £19.99
Flying Swallows Flying Swallows In stock £12.99
Otomi Canvas Otomi Canvas   Last few remaining £110
Zebra Wall Art Fair_Trade Zebra Wall Art In stock £28
Lacrima Mirror Lacrima Mirror In stock £90
Giraffe Wall Art Fair_Trade Giraffe Wall Art In stock £28
Life Stitchery Life Stitchery In stock £35
So Nutty Warhol Print So Nutty Warhol Print   Last few remaining £65
Klimt Print Klimt Print In stock £115
Chirala Floral Picture Frame Fair_Trade Chirala Floral Picture Frame   Out of stock £19.99
River Trout Print River Trout Print   Out of stock £80

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