Bihar Embroidered Shirt

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Inspired by the kashidakari embroidery of Jammu and Kashmir. A relaxed fit shirt with ¾ length sleeves, button fastening and side splits detail.

100% cotton.
Machine washable.
Made in India.
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Overall product rating 4/5
18 May 2018
Service Rating:
Lovely colour and great fit
13 April 2018
Service Rating:
I have given it four stars as the shirt was small, just got one size up and am very happy
06 April 2018
Service Rating:
Very pretty good for summer .
06 April 2018
Service Rating:
Haven’t worn it yet, but good quality and style.
26 March 2018
Service Rating:
Beautifully made and embroidered.
25 August 2017
Service Rating:
Beautiful shirt,looks lovely on.
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