Glorious toiletries, many from smaller manufacturers in France and Italy; chose from Florentine soaps, classic French fragrances or authentic Indian soaps supporting the Life Association charity.
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Himalayan-Amber Scent Boxes Himalayan-Amber Scent Boxes £9.99
Marseilles Miniature Soap Tin Marseilles Miniature Soap Tin £14.99
Dalit Soap Set Fair_Trade Dalit Soap Set £12.99
Provence Hand Creams Provence Hand Creams £19.99
Florentine Soaps Florentine Soaps £25.99
Fig & Almond Liquid Soap SALEPROMOICON Fig & Almond Liquid Soap £11.99 £5.99
Lavender Pillow Mist Lavender Pillow Mist £11.99
French Soap: Lavender French Soap: Lavender £3.99
Orange Flower Savon De Marseilles Orange Flower Savon De Marseilles £3.99
Fig & Almond Shower Gel SALEPROMOICON Fig & Almond Shower Gel £9.99 £4.99
Lavender Travel Wallet SALEPROMOICON Lavender Travel Wallet £19.99 £9.99
French Soap: Mimosa French Soap: Mimosa £3.50
Olive-Lavender Savon De Marseilles Olive-Lavender Savon De Marseilles £3.99
French Soap: Fig French Soap: Fig £3.50
French Soap: Violets French Soap: Violets £3.50
Savon De Marseille: Argon Oil NEWICON Savon De Marseille: Argon Oil £3.99
Savon De Marseille: Jasmin NEWICON Savon De Marseille: Jasmin £3.99
Savon De Marseille: Lavender NEWICON Savon De Marseille: Lavender £3.99
Savon De Marseille: Olive NEWICON Savon De Marseille: Olive £3.99
Savon De Marseille: Rose NEWICON Savon De Marseille: Rose £3.99
Savon De Marseille: Violette NEWICON Savon De Marseille: Violette £3.99
Peony Shower Gel NEWICON Peony Shower Gel £9.99
Peony Body Lotion NEWICON Peony Body Lotion £14.99
Rosewood Bowl & Soap NEWICON Rosewood Bowl & Soap £14.99
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We celebrate the creativity of artisans from around the world, often using traditional crafts with a contemporary twist in unique ideas for you and your home. We always aim to work responsibly and hope that, like us, you will find any minor variations in handmade products only add to their appeal.