Serve up in style with plates, jugs and bowls evoking the rustic style of France, Italy, Greece and New England. Tablemats and coasters, table linen and cutlery add welcoming finishing touches.
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Heat Change Camping  Mug NEWICON Heat Change Camping Mug In stock £9.99
Sentiments Porcelain Vase NEWICON Sentiments Porcelain Vase In stock £9.99
Vintage Bobbin Bottle Opener NEWICON Vintage Bobbin Bottle Opener In stock £9.99
Jul Porcelain Bowls NEWICON Jul Porcelain Bowls In stock £28
Festive Polish Serving Dish NEWICON Festive Polish Serving Dish In stock £45
Ruska Roma Table Runner NEWICON Ruska Roma Table Runner In stock £28
Medina Appetiser Dish NEWICON Medina Appetiser Dish In stock £50
Rev Wooden Coasters Fair_Trade Rev Wooden Coasters In stock £14.99
Terracotta Olive Dish NEWICON Terracotta Olive Dish   Last few remaining £14.99
Terracotta Oven-to-Table Dish NEWICON Terracotta Oven-to-Table Dish In stock £9.99
Fugl Baking Dish NEWICON Fugl Baking Dish In stock £32
Goldfinch Mug NEWICON Goldfinch Mug In stock £9.99
Lavender Terracotta Breakfast Cup NEWICON Lavender Terracotta Breakfast Cup In stock £14.99
Blue Tit Mug NEWICON Blue Tit Mug In stock £9.99
Pair of Papavar mugs NEWICON Pair of Papavar mugs In stock £35
Tiger Egg Cup Fair_Trade Tiger Egg Cup In stock £6.99
Modernist Bird Coasters NEWICON Modernist Bird Coasters In stock £11.99
Papaver Round Dish NEWICON Papaver Round Dish In stock £50
Cheetah Egg Cup Fair_Trade Cheetah Egg Cup In stock £6.99
Beryl Cook Meadow Mug NEWICON Beryl Cook Meadow Mug In stock £10.99
Beryl Cook Mugs NEWICON Beryl Cook Mugs In stock £20.99
4 Mishmi Cotton Napkins NEWICON 4 Mishmi Cotton Napkins In stock £22.99
Pair of Glazed Terracotta Soup Bowls NEWICON Pair of Glazed Terracotta Soup Bowls In stock £24.99
Modernist Bird Mats & Coasters NEWICON Modernist Bird Mats & Coasters In stock £35

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