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Silver City Footstool SALEPROMOICON Silver City Footstool £125 £55
Nordic Circles Rug SALEPROMOICON Nordic Circles Rug £35 £9.99
Chimayó 1 Drawer Cabinet SALEPROMOICON Chimayó 1 Drawer Cabinet £110 £48
Cockatoo Tapestry Cushion SALEPROMOICON Cockatoo Tapestry Cushion £48 £20.99
Miramas Painted Cupboard SALEPROMOICON Miramas Painted Cupboard £335 £145
Pankova Painted Cabinet SALEPROMOICON Pankova Painted Cabinet £275 £125
Taos Rustic Blue Sideboard SALEPROMOICON Taos Rustic Blue Sideboard £450 £199
San Pedro la Laguna Armchair SALEPROMOICON San Pedro la Laguna Armchair £550 £325
Fraoch Wool Throw SALEPROMOICON Fraoch Wool Throw £175 £70
Arles Console Table SALEPROMOICON Arles Console Table £360 £150
Rothesay Side Table SALEPROMOICON Rothesay Side Table £360 £150
Selfoss Cushion SALEPROMOICON Selfoss Cushion £40 £14.99
Tesuque Quilt SALEPROMOICON Tesuque Quilt £125 £45
Elephant Crewelwork Cushion Fair_Trade Elephant Crewelwork Cushion £48 £28
Hege Bird Cushion SALEPROMOICON Hege Bird Cushion £38 £22.99
Suzhou Velvet Cushion SALEPROMOICON Suzhou Velvet Cushion £24.99 £12.99
Neela Quilt SALEPROMOICON Neela Quilt £130 £58
Chidiya Embroidered Cushion SALEPROMOICON Chidiya Embroidered Cushion £40 £12.99
Toucan Tapestry Cushion SALEPROMOICON Toucan Tapestry Cushion £45 £19.99
Glen Etive Cushion SALEPROMOICON Glen Etive Cushion £42 £17.99
Sikar Flower Stool SALEPROMOICON Sikar Flower Stool £60 £25
Mayan Stool SALEPROMOICON Mayan Stool £120 £60
Antigua Embroidered Pouffe SALEPROMOICON Antigua Embroidered Pouffe £120 £48
Orlu Table lamp SALEPROMOICON Orlu Table lamp £100 £60
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We celebrate the creativity of artisans from around the world, often using traditional crafts with a contemporary twist in unique ideas for you and your home. We always aim to work responsibly and hope that, like us, you will find any minor variations in handmade products only add to their appeal.