Perfect lighting for every room; discover hand-crafted designs inspired by finds from around the globe. Be bold with ceramic table lamps and for harmonious simplicity chose lighting echoing vintage designs . Twinkling lights chains bring sparkle all year round , choose from mains and battery-operated.
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Limone Light Chain NEWICON Limone Light Chain £16.99
Diwali Candle Bowls NEWICON Diwali Candle Bowls £17.99
Rissani Votives NEWICON Rissani Votives £19.99
Pebble Tea Light Holder NEWICON Pebble Tea Light Holder £12.99
Yellow Clay Tea Light Holder NEWICON Yellow Clay Tea Light Holder £12.99
Red Clay Tea Light Holder NEWICON Red Clay Tea Light Holder £12.99
Tuscan Oval Lantern NEWICON Tuscan Oval Lantern £40
Lily Lamp NEWICON Lily Lamp £115
Oahu Pineapple Light Chain NEWICON Oahu Pineapple Light Chain £19.99
Oujda Lanterns NEWICON Oujda Lanterns £55
Lechang Orchid Light Chain Lechang Orchid Light Chain £45
Lyonnaise Table Lantern Lyonnaise Table Lantern £68
Bora Bora Table Lamp Bora Bora Table Lamp £175
Chilli Light Chain Chilli Light Chain £19.99
Marble Dome Table Lamp Marble Dome Table Lamp £115
Shalimar Table Lamp Shalimar Table Lamp £225
LED Illusion Table Lamp LED Illusion Table Lamp £30
Moomin Lamp ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Moomin Lamp £17.99
Himalayan Salt Lamp Himalayan Salt Lamp £24.99
Villette Lamp Villette Lamp £70
Edgewood Copper Lamp Edgewood Copper Lamp £140
Rose Light Chain Rose Light Chain £45
Shoreline Lamp Shoreline Lamp £150

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