Perfect lighting for every room; discover hand-crafted designs inspired by finds from around the globe. Be bold with ceramic table lamps and for harmonious simplicity chose lighting echoing vintage designs . Twinkling lights chains bring sparkle all year round , choose from mains and battery-operated.
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Fes LED-Lit Ajouré Globe Decoration NEWICON Fes LED-Lit Ajouré Globe Decoration In stock £19.99
Kaslo LED Forest Scene NEWICON Kaslo LED Forest Scene In stock £12.99
Boreal LED Tree NEWICON Boreal LED Tree In stock £28
Salerno Cluster LED Lights NEWICON Salerno Cluster LED Lights In stock £55
Bavaria Gingerbread House Ornament Bavaria Gingerbread House Ornament In stock £48
Lechang Pierced Table Lamp Lechang Pierced Table Lamp In stock £95
Valbonne Table Lamp Valbonne Table Lamp In stock £120
Red Folk Table Lamp Red Folk Table Lamp In stock £150
Winter Gleam Mini Star Lights Winter Gleam Mini Star Lights In stock £9.99
Moomin Lamp Moomin Lamp In stock £17.99
Taza Light Chain Taza Light Chain In stock £19.99
Lechang Orchid Light String Lechang Orchid Light String In stock £45
Diwali Candle Bowls Diwali Candle Bowls In stock £17.99
28 Pierced-Work Lights 28 Pierced-Work Lights In stock £32
Lyonnaise Table Lantern Lyonnaise Table Lantern   Last few remaining £68
20 Pierced-Work Lights 20 Pierced-Work Lights In stock £19.99
Lit Glass Tree Lit Glass Tree In stock £35
Isère Lit Angel Isère Lit Angel In stock £14.99
Churchill Polar Bear Tea Light Churchill Polar Bear Tea Light In stock £28
Ontario Led Lit Star Ontario Led Lit Star In stock £35
Marble Dome Table Lamp Marble Dome Table Lamp   Last few remaining £115
Robertson Table Lamp Robertson Table Lamp In stock £185
Maalem Lantern Light Maalem Lantern Light   Out of stock £60

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