Gerda Wool Jumper

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Jumper knitted in Ireland from merino wool, relaxed fit style with 2 pockets
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Overall product rating 5/5
19 February 2018
Service Rating:
Just as good quality as other items I have bought from Culture Vulture.
11 December 2017
Service Rating:
Lovely but too large. Have ordered the smaller size and will send one back.
23 November 2017
Service Rating:
I purchased the jumper for my wife as a Christmas present, it fits well and looks good and will be warm for the winter. An Irish product for an Irish lass only 87 years old!
18 September 2017
Service Rating:
Nice jumper. Good quality and fits well.
31 August 2017
Service Rating:
Lovely jumper I hope you do them in other colours.
07 April 2017
Service Rating:
Replacement as the first jumper shrank in wash hoping that it was me and not the product
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