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Agra Wool Coat Agra Wool Coat   Last few remaining £250
The Perplexing Theft… The Perplexing Theft…   Last few remaining £7.99
3 Jaipur Ceramic Elephant Hooks Fair_Trade 3 Jaipur Ceramic Elephant Hooks In stock £9.99
Hand-painted Turtle Box Fair_Trade Hand-painted Turtle Box In stock £9.99
Kerala Bird Ornament NEWICON Kerala Bird Ornament In stock £28
Assam Elephant Watering Can NEWICON Assam Elephant Watering Can In stock £40
Coromandel Tablecloth NEWICON Coromandel Tablecloth In stock £65
Mango Carved Temple Table NEWICON Mango Carved Temple Table Pre-Order £90
Mandala Rug NEWICON Mandala Rug Pre-Order £110
Sankalaka 3 Drawer Unit Fair_Trade Sankalaka 3 Drawer Unit In stock £299
Assam Oversized Stool Fair_Trade Assam Oversized Stool In stock £320
Bare Mango Wood Cupboard Fair_Trade Bare Mango Wood Cupboard In stock £490
Assam High Back Armchair NEWICON Assam High Back Armchair In stock £935
Blue Elephant Doormat Fair_Trade Blue Elephant Doormat Pre-Order £24.99
Sikkim Round Tablecloth Sikkim Round Tablecloth Pre-Order £22.99
Elephant Box Elephant Box In stock £45
Kerala Elephant Wall Hook Left Facing Kerala Elephant Wall Hook Left Facing In stock £7.99
Adoor Recycled Fabric Footstool Fair_Trade Adoor Recycled Fabric Footstool In stock £60
Elephant Side Table Elephant Side Table Pre-Order £140
Gudriwork Bedspread Gudriwork Bedspread In stock £140
Behisht Garden Double Quilt Behisht Garden Double Quilt In stock £195
Jaipur Painted Sideboard Jaipur Painted Sideboard   Last few remaining £525