Gifts for Her

Gorgeous gifts for lovely ladies; treat her to opulent jewellery and luxurious accessories evoking French châteaux and Venice from a more romantic age. Spoil her with toiletries or chocolates from our favourite smaller manufacturers in France and show just how much you care with our quotation jewellery.
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A Mindful Day NEWICON A Mindful Day £9.99
Blessing Plate NEWICON Blessing Plate £40
Friends Guardian Angel NEWICON Friends Guardian Angel £17.99
Prosecco Spoon NEWICON Prosecco Spoon £16.99
Russian Garden Earrings NEWICON Russian Garden Earrings £22.99
Star Tea Light Holder NEWICON Star Tea Light Holder £30
C'est La Vie NEWICON C'est La Vie £8.99
Ruska Crochet Heart NEWICON Ruska Crochet Heart £17.99
Blue Tit Jug NEWICON Blue Tit Jug £24.99
Kunalei Bag NEWICON Kunalei Bag £35
Regal Flamingos Biscuit Barrel NEWICON Regal Flamingos Biscuit Barrel £17.99
Folklore Animal Coasters NEWICON Folklore Animal Coasters £17.99
Chirala Floral Picture Frame NEWICON Chirala Floral Picture Frame £19.99
A Compendium of Flowers Vase NEWICON A Compendium of Flowers Vase £26
Douce Shower Hand Cream NEWICON Douce Shower Hand Cream £6.99
Douce Shower Gel NEWICON Douce Shower Gel £7.99
Belgian Chocolate Cubes NEWICON Belgian Chocolate Cubes £11.99
Belgian Chocolate Domes NEWICON Belgian Chocolate Domes £11.99
 'Pour Yourself a Cup of Ambition' Mug NEWICON 'Pour Yourself a Cup of Ambition' Mug £12.99
Douce Shower Body Lotion NEWICON Douce Shower Body Lotion £12.99
Dotty Mug NEWICON Dotty Mug £14.99
Fågel Puzzle Box NEWICON Fågel Puzzle Box £22.99
Tutayev Box NEWICON Tutayev Box £22.99
Vermont Morning Pancake Gift Set NEWICON Vermont Morning Pancake Gift Set £24.99

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