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Gorgeous gifts for lovely ladies; treat her to opulent jewellery and luxurious accessories evoking French châteaux and Venice from a more romantic age. Spoil her with Italian toiletries and French chocolate from smaller manufacturers and show just how much you care with our quotation jewellery.
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French Hand Creams NEWICON French Hand Creams £22.99
4 Provençal Lavender Bags NEWICON 4 Provençal Lavender Bags £6.99
Strolling Through Florence NEWICON Strolling Through Florence £12.99
Strolling Through Rome NEWICON Strolling Through Rome £12.99
Verveine Marseille Soap NEWICON Verveine Marseille Soap £12.99
Valbonne Bird Hooks NEWICON Valbonne Bird Hooks £14.99
Fiorentino Vase NEWICON Fiorentino Vase £17.99
Verveine Marseille Hand Lotion NEWICON Verveine Marseille Hand Lotion £17.99
Lavender & Verbena Candle NEWICON Lavender & Verbena Candle £19.99
Wine Trails NEWICON Wine Trails £19.99
Townhouse Lantern NEWICON Townhouse Lantern £24.99
Tortue Crystal Brooch NEWICON Tortue Crystal Brooch £25
Verveine Marseille Soap & Hand Lotion NEWICON Verveine Marseille Soap & Hand Lotion £29.50
Dining Out Wall Clock NEWICON Dining Out Wall Clock £30
Pair of Gingko Leaf Hair Clips NEWICON Pair of Gingko Leaf Hair Clips £30
Keriolet Necklace NEWICON Keriolet Necklace £42
Taos Sodalite Necklace NEWICON Taos Sodalite Necklace £42
Taos Sodalite Earrings NEWICON Taos Sodalite Earrings £48
Arabian Delights Hamper NEWICON Arabian Delights Hamper £55
Retro Vortex Bowl NEWICON Retro Vortex Bowl £70
Holda Wool Poncho NEWICON Holda Wool Poncho £85
Limoux Scarf Necklace NEWICON Limoux Scarf Necklace £120
Grace Jacquard Coat NEWICON Grace Jacquard Coat £200
Sirena Necklace Sirena Necklace £22.99
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We celebrate the creativity of artisans from around the world, often using traditional crafts with a contemporary twist in unique ideas for you and your home. We always aim to work responsibly and hope that, like us, you will find any minor variations in handmade products only add to their appeal.