Gifts for Her

Gorgeous gifts for lovely ladies; treat her to opulent jewellery and luxurious accessories evoking French châteaux and Venice from a more romantic age. Spoil her with toiletries or chocolates from our favourite smaller manufacturers in France and show just how much you care with our quotation jewellery.
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Pair of Scream Socks NEWICON Pair of Scream Socks £7.99
Winter Wellness Tea Selection NEWICON Winter Wellness Tea Selection £12.99
5 Provence Guest Soaps NEWICON 5 Provence Guest Soaps £9.99
Italian Biscuits Selection NEWICON Italian Biscuits Selection £6.99
Limoncello Baba NEWICON Limoncello Baba £19.99
Gin Tipple Chocolate Drops NEWICON Gin Tipple Chocolate Drops £12.99
Fényes Floral Socks NEWICON Fényes Floral Socks £12.99
Niao Long Socks NEWICON Niao Long Socks £17.99
Sustainable Lovebird Socks NEWICON Sustainable Lovebird Socks £7.99
Tuscan Grove Hand & Body Lotion NEWICON Tuscan Grove Hand & Body Lotion £12.99
Enchanted Forest Travel Collection NEWICON Enchanted Forest Travel Collection £17.99
Libellule Dragonfly Hooks NEWICON Libellule Dragonfly Hooks £35
Jardin Exotique Confectionery NEWICON Jardin Exotique Confectionery £11.99
Couture Travel Sewing Kit NEWICON Couture Travel Sewing Kit £17.99
Nyon 4 Soap Tin NEWICON Nyon 4 Soap Tin £17.99
Bitesize Belgian Chocolate Cups NEWICON Bitesize Belgian Chocolate Cups £8.99
Murlo Candle NEWICON Murlo Candle £16.99
Bitesize Belgian Chocolate Cubes NEWICON Bitesize Belgian Chocolate Cubes £8.99
Tensha Bead Earrings NEWICON Tensha Bead Earrings £32
5 Shantou Pouches 5 Shantou Pouches £12.99
Babushka Brooch Babushka Brooch £4.99
Marble Gin Stones Marble Gin Stones £7.99
Kerala Earrings Kerala Earrings £14.99
4 Provençal Lavender Bags 4 Provençal Lavender Bags £6.99

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