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Huichol Zig Zag Scarf Huichol Zig Zag Scarf £35
Mazahua Necklace SALEPROMOICON Mazahua Necklace £48 £22
Set of 2 Bali Bangles Set of 2 Bali Bangles £47.50
Kiku Silk Scarf Kiku Silk Scarf £48
Abstrait Shirt Abstrait Shirt £50
Èze Leather Sandals Aqua SALEPROMOICON Èze Leather Sandals Aqua £50 £25
Roi D'oiseaux Roi D'oiseaux £35
Arles Vases Arles Vases £40
Teak Outdoor Bowl Candle Teak Outdoor Bowl Candle £45
Èze Leather Sandals Red SALEPROMOICON Èze Leather Sandals Red £50 £25
Jasper Starfish Pendant Jasper Starfish Pendant £38
Medium Twiza Giraffe Head Medium Twiza Giraffe Head £42
Chirmiri Printed Bag Chirmiri Printed Bag £48
Painted Tiger Box SALEPROMOICON Painted Tiger Box £50 £22
Set of 3 Moomin Mugs Set of 3 Moomin Mugs £46
Large Twiza giraffe Head Large Twiza giraffe Head £48
3 Metal Alliums 3 Metal Alliums £32
Provencal Market Bag Provencal Market Bag £42
Recycled Roll Holder Recycled Roll Holder £38
Sagar Robe Sagar Robe £45
Canadian Pancake Mix & Maple Syrup SALEPROMOICON Canadian Pancake Mix & Maple Syrup £17.99 £1.99
Italian Spice It Up Trio SALEPROMOICON Italian Spice It Up Trio £28 £4.99
Sapporo Cotton Robe Sapporo Cotton Robe £45
Marc Bracelet SALEPROMOICON Marc Bracelet £30 £11.99
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We celebrate the creativity of artisans from around the world, often using traditional crafts with a contemporary twist in unique ideas for you and your home. We always aim to work responsibly and hope that, like us, you will find any minor variations in handmade products only add to their appeal.