Christmas Food
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Espresso Martini Truffles NEWICON Espresso Martini Truffles In stock £7.99
Rumtopf NEWICON Rumtopf In stock £14.99
Folk Garden Cat Biscuit Tin NEWICON Folk Garden Cat Biscuit Tin In stock £11.99
Italian Cantuccini Tin NEWICON Italian Cantuccini Tin In stock £9.99
Chocolate & Fruity Belgian Nougat NEWICON Chocolate & Fruity Belgian Nougat In stock £14.99
Twiga Giraffes Biscuit Barrel NEWICON Twiga Giraffes Biscuit Barrel In stock £16.99
Chocolate Praline Toadstools NEWICON Chocolate Praline Toadstools In stock £8.99
Spanish Marron Glacé NEWICON Spanish Marron Glacé In stock £19.99
Italian Sugared Almonds NEWICON Italian Sugared Almonds In stock £9.99
Caramelised Almond & Hazelnut Cones NEWICON Caramelised Almond & Hazelnut Cones In stock £11.99
International Chilli Collection NEWICON International Chilli Collection In stock £38
Italian Biscuits Selection Italian Biscuits Selection In stock £6.99
Winter Wellness Tea Selection Winter Wellness Tea Selection In stock £12.99
Spanish Quince Paste Spanish Quince Paste In stock £8.99
Limoncello Baba Limoncello Baba In stock £19.99
Gin Tipple Chocolate Drops Gin Tipple Chocolate Drops In stock £12.99
Chocolate for Wine Coins Chocolate for Wine Coins In stock £14.99
Gingerbread House Biscuit Tin Gingerbread House Biscuit Tin In stock £7.99
Salted Caramel Hot Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Hot Milk Chocolate In stock £8.99
Orange Hot Dark Chocolate Orange Hot Dark Chocolate In stock £8.99
Belgian Chocolate Cups and Cubes Belgian Chocolate Cups and Cubes In stock £16.99
Spanish Olive Patés Tray Spanish Olive Patés Tray In stock £19.99
Cava Truffle Dark Chocolate Flors Cava Truffle Dark Chocolate Flors In stock £7.99
Bitesize Belgian Chocolate Cubes Bitesize Belgian Chocolate Cubes In stock £8.99

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