Pair of Brogues Socks

‘You can never be overdressed or overeducated’: follow Oscar Wilde’s (1854-1900) dictum and be dapper in even your stocking feet with these socks mimicking a pair of classic brogues.

70% cotton, 25% polyamide, 5% polyester.
One size, fits Men’s size 5-11.
Machine wash at up to 30°C.
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Overall product rating 4/5
13 November 2017
Service Rating:
Thinner weave than I would have liked but the novelty factor is super cool. Thumbs up!
12 November 2017
Service Rating:
Great novelty and quality.
12 November 2017
Service Rating:
Good but a little overpriced for what they are.
11 November 2017
Service Rating:
Good fun present! Saved me shopping around.
10 November 2017
Service Rating:
Fabulous products - I'm looking forward to the reactions the socks get at Christmas!
10 November 2017
Black Isle
Service Rating:
They are for an amusing gift and I think they fit the bill
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