Christmas Decorations

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Pair of Felt Christmas Mice Pair of Felt Christmas Mice £9.99
Large Lucerne Tree SALEPROMOICON Large Lucerne Tree £7.99 £3.99
Set of 2 Nenets Reindeer Set of 2 Nenets Reindeer £14.99
Taza Light Chain Taza Light Chain £19.99
Blois Glass Decorations Blois Glass Decorations £17.99
Livorno Glass Birds Livorno Glass Birds £22.99
Pair of Felt Tomte Pair of Felt Tomte £8.99
Skanor Silhouette Decoration Skanor Silhouette Decoration £9.99
Rådjur Scene Decoration SALEPROMOICON Rådjur Scene Decoration £14.99 £7.99
Jalisco Star Decoration Jalisco Star Decoration £7.99
Set of 3 Capilla Beaded Decorations SALEPROMOICON Set of 3 Capilla Beaded Decorations £12.99 £4.99
Williamsburg Star Decorations SALEPROMOICON Williamsburg Star Decorations £14.99 £6.99
Lutsk Nativity Hanging Decorations SALEPROMOICON Lutsk Nativity Hanging Decorations £19.99 £8.99
Carnival Rainbow Hanger SALEPROMOICON Carnival Rainbow Hanger £5.99 £2.99
Lit Glass Tree Lit Glass Tree £35
Glarnerland Bell Ringing Mice Glarnerland Bell Ringing Mice £12.99
Holly & Berry Hanging Decoration Holly & Berry Hanging Decoration £9.99
Verbier Ski Hanging Decoration SALEPROMOICON Verbier Ski Hanging Decoration £4.99 £1.99
Chambéry Felt Snowman SALEPROMOICON Chambéry Felt Snowman £14.99 £6.99
Glass Icicle Decorations Glass Icicle Decorations £17.99
Rockport Robin Tree Rockport Robin Tree £19.99
Set of Diplodocus & T-Rex Decorations Fair_Trade Set of Diplodocus & T-Rex Decorations £17.99
Felt Diplodocus Christmas Decoration Fair_Trade Felt Diplodocus Christmas Decoration £9.99
Felt T-Rex Christmas Decoration Fair_Trade Felt T-Rex Christmas Decoration £9.99

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