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Christmas Decorations
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Pair of Felt Tomte Pair of Felt Tomte In stock £8.99
Pair of Felt Christmas Mice Pair of Felt Christmas Mice In stock £9.99
Holly & Berry Hanging Decoration SALEPROMOICON Holly & Berry Hanging Decoration In stock £9.99 £3.99
Pawkins & Biddy Felt Dog Decorations SALEPROMOICON Pawkins & Biddy Felt Dog Decorations In stock £12.99 £4.99
Small Lucerne Tree SALEPROMOICON Small Lucerne Tree In stock £4.99 £0.99
Taza Light Chain ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Taza Light Chain In stock £19.99
Chalet Decorations SALEPROMOICON Chalet Decorations In stock £5.99 £0.99
Star Tea Light Holder Fair_Trade Star Tea Light Holder   Last few remaining £30
Set of 5 Beaded Meru Decorations SALEPROMOICON Set of 5 Beaded Meru Decorations In stock £19.99 £7.99
'May your days...' Guardian Angel SALEPROMOICON 'May your days...' Guardian Angel In stock £16.99 £9.99
Bristlecone Pine Garland Bristlecone Pine Garland   Last few remaining £38
Glarnerland Bell Ringing Mice Glarnerland Bell Ringing Mice In stock £12.99
Chambéry Felt Snowman Chambéry Felt Snowman   Out of stock £14.99
Rockport Robin Tree Rockport Robin Tree   Out of stock £19.99

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