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Rosarito Printed Top

ITEM CODE: 61300
Loose fit top with wide sleeves updating traditional Navajo patterns in a contemporary colour palette.
Loose fit top with wide sleeves updating traditional Navajo patterns in a contemporary colour palette.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Black, Multicoloured
Lightweight viscose
Subtle sequin embellishment
87cm long
Machine Wash
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Overall product rating 3.7/5
22 October 2019
Service Rating:
Material thinner than expected but pattern interesting.
By Montana
06 February 2019
Service Rating:
Poorer quality than your usual standard. Didn't like it when saw actual garment
Hi there,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. I am sorry that you were not happy with the Rosarito Printed Top, and I can confirm that a return was processed on the 6th February 2019. We do advise to allow 3-5 working days for this to clear in your account.

Kind regards,
14 July 2018
Service Rating:
Colourful tunic with quality stitching.