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Eliana Jersey Shirt

ITEM CODE: 60546
Printed cotton inspired by traditional Norwegian Rosemåling, folk art painted decoration
Printed cotton inspired by traditional Norwegian Rosemåling, folk art painted decoration
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Grey, White
Fitted style
Button fastening and long sleeves which can be rolled and worn 3/4 length using tab
67cm long
Machine wash
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Overall product rating 3/5
27 January 2020
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07 June 2018
Service Rating:
Well cut - looks very smart on and comfortable
By Culture Vulture
30 October 2017
Service Rating:
Actually, I am not at all pleased with this. The button holes are far too large for the buttons and the result is that the front of the shirt opens at unexpected moments. Worn it once and wonder if I can do so again.
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