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Our latest clothing edits invite you to share our passion for pattern. From bold, folk florals inspired by Russian and Hungarian traditions to Indian embroidery, discover clothes and accessories to stir your soul.
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Roza Embroidered Leggings NEWICON Roza Embroidered Leggings £35
Maroc Tunic NEWICON Maroc Tunic £38
Abstract Tunic NEWICON Abstract Tunic £42
Chauda Harem Trousers NEWICON Chauda Harem Trousers £45
Ménerbes Cotton Robe NEWICON Ménerbes Cotton Robe £45
Paon Pyjamas NEWICON Paon Pyjamas £50
Zoya Velvet Trousers NEWICON Zoya Velvet Trousers £55
Naïve Pyjamas NEWICON Naïve Pyjamas £65
Rangoli Tiered Cotton Skirt NEWICON Rangoli Tiered Cotton Skirt £65
Damini Cotton Tunic NEWICON Damini Cotton Tunic £75
Minta Blouse NEWICON Minta Blouse £75
Neela Tunic NEWICON Neela Tunic £75
Paudha Leaf Print Tunic NEWICON Paudha Leaf Print Tunic £75
Tambour Velvet Top NEWICON Tambour Velvet Top £75
Tsarina Velvet Tunic NEWICON Tsarina Velvet Tunic £75
Zhenski Floral Dress NEWICON Zhenski Floral Dress £75
Askat Lightweight Coat NEWICON Askat Lightweight Coat £95
Ivanovo Floral Dress NEWICON Ivanovo Floral Dress £95
Breacan Pinafore Dress NEWICON Breacan Pinafore Dress £100
Kaluga Velvet Jacket NEWICON Kaluga Velvet Jacket £110
Srian Jumper NEWICON Srian Jumper £115
Bhavy Velvet Dress NEWICON Bhavy Velvet Dress £125
Fira Wool Cardigan NEWICON Fira Wool Cardigan £125
Zelenyy Dress NEWICON Zelenyy Dress £125
Zelenyy Dress NEWICON Zelenyy Dress £125
Coyoacán Black Jacket NEWICON Coyoacán Black Jacket £135
Artysta Handloom Coat Fair_Trade Artysta Handloom Coat £175
Patan Cardigan NEWICON Patan Cardigan £175
Sajó Pleated Dress NEWICON Sajó Pleated Dress £190
Eligin Cardigan NEWICON Eligin Cardigan £200
Khokhloma Tulip Alpaca Cardigan NEWICON Khokhloma Tulip Alpaca Cardigan £295
Ivory Bindu Tunic Ivory Bindu Tunic £50
Lakeside Bindu Tunic Lakeside Bindu Tunic £50
Kerala Embroidered Top Kerala Embroidered Top £40
Grey Huckaback Hem Trousers Grey Huckaback Hem Trousers £40
Manjira Embroidered Tunic Manjira Embroidered Tunic £45
Nantes Jacket Nantes Jacket £70
Tay Wrap Cardigan Navy Tay Wrap Cardigan Navy £60
Brahea Dress Brahea Dress £85
Colour field Stripes Dressing Gown Colour field Stripes Dressing Gown £75
Abstrait Shirt Abstrait Shirt £50
Michi Printed Top Michi Printed Top £50
Locronan Top Locronan Top £38
Rewari Kaftan Rewari Kaftan £55
Mathura Block Printed Trousers Mathura Block Printed Trousers £75
Pirou Linen Trousers Pirou Linen Trousers £75
Almora Block Printed Jacket Almora Block Printed Jacket £88
Zira Jacquard Reversible Robe Zira Jacquard Reversible Robe £110

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