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Our latest clothing edits invite you to share our passion for pattern. From bold, folk florals inspired by Russian and Hungarian traditions to Indian embroidery, discover clothes and accessories to stir your soul.
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Niujie Dress NEWICON Niujie Dress £90
Meghalaya Dress NEWICON Meghalaya Dress £100
Berehove Dress NEWICON Berehove Dress £110
Nara Tunic NEWICON Nara Tunic £38
Meknes Tunic NEWICON Meknes Tunic £40
Kerala Robe NEWICON Kerala Robe £45
Burano Dress NEWICON Burano Dress £70
Thoranam Leaves Sundress NEWICON Thoranam Leaves Sundress £75
Tsurui Top NEWICON Tsurui Top £60
Dax Jacket Aqua NEWICON Dax Jacket Aqua £75
Vézelay Shirtdress NEWICON Vézelay Shirtdress £75
Azteca Tunic NEWICON Azteca Tunic £85
Nautique Dress NEWICON Nautique Dress £85
Locronan Top NEWICON Locronan Top £38
Karuizawa Tunic NEWICON Karuizawa Tunic £80
Jade Seas Lace-hem Trousers NEWICON Jade Seas Lace-hem Trousers £40
Lquitos Dress NEWICON Lquitos Dress £52
Zhovkva Dress NEWICON Zhovkva Dress £55
Rayé Dress NEWICON Rayé Dress £65
Dax Jacket Red NEWICON Dax Jacket Red £75
Loire Skirt NEWICON Loire Skirt £75
Pappagallo Dress NEWICON Pappagallo Dress £85
Wildflower Dress NEWICON Wildflower Dress £210
Janjehli Pyjamas NEWICON Janjehli Pyjamas £65
Gokarna Trousers NEWICON Gokarna Trousers £75
Tramonto Dress NEWICON Tramonto Dress £85
Ladakh Jacket NEWICON Ladakh Jacket £100
Paizale Dress NEWICON Paizale Dress £115
Mezyn Dress NEWICON Mezyn Dress £140
Ndoki Wrap Dress NEWICON Ndoki Wrap Dress £170
Pirou Linen Trousers NEWICON Pirou Linen Trousers £75
Biei Skirt NEWICON Biei Skirt £80
Idukki Dress NEWICON Idukki Dress £80
Koutoubia Dress NEWICON Koutoubia Dress £125
Ifrane Top NEWICON Ifrane Top £60
Boudhanath Trousers NEWICON Boudhanath Trousers £85
Huicungo Skirt NEWICON Huicungo Skirt £85
Lviv Skirt NEWICON Lviv Skirt £100
Yasuni Cardigan NEWICON Yasuni Cardigan £200
Brahea Dress Brahea Dress £85
Andaman Tunic Andaman Tunic £38
Coyoacán Jacket Coyoacán Jacket £125
Moorea Top Moorea Top £55
Jodhpur Jacket Jodhpur Jacket £85
Pintar Dress Pintar Dress £135
Broek Reversible Jacket Broek Reversible Jacket £85
Himachal Tunic Himachal Tunic £38
Chivay Alpaca Cardigan Chivay Alpaca Cardigan £295

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