Tahitian Bird Stud Earrings

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Save when you buy the Tahitian Bird Set
Inspired by laid-back trop...
Save when you buy the Tahitian Bird Set
Inspired by laid-back tropical island living, this pair of Tahitian Bird Stud Earrings swoop up or down in a graceful arc from the ear, on an imaginative flight of fancy. A pair of beautifully hand-enamelled fluttering hummingbirds are captured, creating wearable wanderlust style. These lyrical tropical bird earrings are intricately hand-enamelled and gold-plated, bringing the vibrancy of the rainforests home. Elegant statement stud earrings, they appear in vivid colours which echo the vibrancy of lush tropical forests.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Gold, Blue
Gold-plated and hand enamelled
1.8cm drop, 2cm wide
Clean with a soft cloth
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Overall product rating 5/5
28 September 2020
Service Rating:
Very pretty unusual earings. I want to buy the necklace now.
01 September 2020
Service Rating:
Pretty, unusual and delicate