Tahiti Coral Earrings

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Crafted from organic forms, celebrate creativity and p...
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Crafted from organic forms, celebrate creativity and paradise with a bold evocation of the warm seas off Tahiti. This pair of coral and silver drop earrings have been created from sustainably sourced bamboo coral which has been colour enhanced, with silver fittings for vibrant styling with a playful, free-spirited flair.

Natural bamboo coral is a creamy white to grey colour with a discernible dark core, however it readily takes dye and is often coloured pink or red in imitation of Mediterranean coral. Most of the new and legal coral coming onto the market today is likely bamboo coral from the Philippines and China. It should be emphasised that bamboo corals are a legal They now satisfy much of the public demand for coral products, which in turn is allowing the recovery of the Mediterranean and Pacific colonies and their associated eco habitats.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Red
Sustainably sourced bamboo Coral and silver
2.5cm long plus hook
Clean with a soft cloth
Gift boxed
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26 February 2021
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