Trisul Grey Embroidered Tunic

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Embroidered cotton blouse echoing the subtle tones of misty mountain mornings in Trisul in Indian 'chikan' style. Button front and side splits, 3/4 length sleeves
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Overall product rating 4/5
21 March 2018
Service Rating:
It wasn't quite what I expected,though it was very nice.The main problem was the size.The size I ordered should have fitted,but it was a bit tight.especially around the upper arm.
14 March 2018
Service Rating:
It is beautiful, just what I was looking for for the summer. Hides a multitude of sins!
14 March 2018
Service Rating:
Really loved this top, just my colour and style.
01 March 2018
Service Rating:
Pretty soft cotton top. I ordered the correct size. Looking forward to wearing it when the weather is warmer.
26 January 2018
Service Rating:
Lovely item which fitted well.
21 June 2017
Service Rating:
Attractive top. Very pleased.

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