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The Americas

Recreate the warm welcome of New England, Santa Fe and south of the border with spirited folk art-inspired ornaments, furniture, soft furnishings, lighting and tableware. Clothes, jewellery and accessories sing with the colours of the countryside from mountain peaks to the vibrancy of Latin America and Santa Fe.
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Tewa Wide-Leg Trousers Fair_Trade Tewa Wide-Leg Trousers   Last few remaining £55
Schooner Wall Art NEWICON Schooner Wall Art In stock £45
Cactus Earrings NEWICON Cactus Earrings In stock £16.99
Plymouth Trivet NEWICON Plymouth Trivet In stock £19.99
Portland Jute & Leather Rug NEWICON Portland Jute & Leather Rug In stock £35
Taos Cotton Throw NEWICON Taos Cotton Throw Pre-Order £22.99
Pair of Ipswich Bowls NEWICON Pair of Ipswich Bowls In stock £24.99
Shiprock Cushion NEWICON Shiprock Cushion In stock £35
Puebla Cotton Tunic NEWICON Puebla Cotton Tunic In stock £45
Morelia Sandals NEWICON Morelia Sandals   Last few remaining £70
Turquesa Jersey Dress Fair_Trade Turquesa Jersey Dress   Last few remaining £75
Sangre Sandals NEWICON Sangre Sandals   Last few remaining £80
Navajo Leather bag NEWICON Navajo Leather bag In stock £130
Cactus Side Table NEWICON Cactus Side Table In stock £145
Hacienda Coffee Table NEWICON Hacienda Coffee Table In stock £150
Brunswick 2-Seat Cubby Bench NEWICON Brunswick 2-Seat Cubby Bench In stock £155
Taos Waterfall Cardigan NEWICON Taos Waterfall Cardigan   Last few remaining £165
Azteca Mexican Chimenea NEWICON Azteca Mexican Chimenea In stock £175
Cholula Linen Dress NEWICON Cholula Linen Dress   Last few remaining £175
Najavo Dress NEWICON Najavo Dress   Last few remaining £185
Puebla Dress NEWICON Puebla Dress   Last few remaining £185
Pair of Hacienda Chairs NEWICON Pair of Hacienda Chairs In stock £340
Navajo Gemstone Set NEWICON Navajo Gemstone Set In stock £50
Navajo Gemstone Earrings NEWICON Navajo Gemstone Earrings In stock £24.99

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