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Slavic Folk
85 items
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Folk Animal Mug Folk Animal Mug £12.99
Goritsy Rug Goritsy Rug £100
Ruska Roma Tin Fair_Trade Ruska Roma Tin £17.99
Liski Metal Wreath Fair_Trade Liski Metal Wreath £40
Suszki Small Oven Dish Suszki Small Oven Dish £32
Suszki Large Oven Dish Suszki Large Oven Dish £50
Suszki Lasagne Dish Suszki Lasagne Dish £78
Kovernino Embroidered Armchair Kovernino Embroidered Armchair £935
Babushka Brooch Babushka Brooch £5.99
Little Birthmonth Angel Decoration Little Birthmonth Angel Decoration £4.99
Joni Floral Tights Joni Floral Tights £22.99
Ruska Roza Ladies' Socks Ruska Roza Ladies' Socks £9.99
Dachniki Round Tablecloth Fair_Trade Dachniki Round Tablecloth £32
Pushkar Cotton Top Pushkar Cotton Top £35
Chudovo Triple Hooks Fair_Trade Chudovo Triple Hooks £24.99
Malmo Applique Bag Malmo Applique Bag £40
Fernanda Waistcoat Fernanda Waistcoat £50
Sarafan Harem Trousers Sarafan Harem Trousers £55
Saratov Cotton Cord Dress Saratov Cotton Cord Dress £65
Johari Necklace Scarf Johari Necklace Scarf £30
Eliana Pink Jersey Shirt Eliana Pink Jersey Shirt £45
Pella Embroidered Jacket Pella Embroidered Jacket £110
Tay Wrap Cardigan Navy Tay Wrap Cardigan Navy £60
Poznan Wool Waistcoat Poznan Wool Waistcoat £68
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